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Life & Style
Published: December 19, 2018

Commentary: In the age of #MeToo, Syracuse University must expand its self-defense programs beyond just one class.

Greg Sommer instructing a rock climbing course at Syracuse's Central Rock Gym.
Life & Style
Published: December 16, 2018

From the classroom to the gym, Youth Programs Coordinator Greg Sommer continues to teach rock climbing.

Sarah Hassler, Peppino's head chef in Syracuse, N.Y.
Life & Style
Published: December 14, 2018

Sarah Hassler, the downtown Syracuse restaurant’s first female head chef, is launching Pomodoro this month.

29Rooms’ “A Conversation With Your Inner Child” room.
Life & Style
Published: December 9, 2018

From the Museum of Ice Cream to The Color Factory, Millennials and Generation Z are immersing themselves in innovative experiences.

SU student Sanobar Chagani's therapy dog, Ollie
Life & Style
Published: December 3, 2018

A look into the role of an emotional support animal in modern mental health.

The Cauliflower Crusted Salmon is one of the many dishes included on Dolce Vita's keto menu.
Life & Style
Published: November 27, 2018

Restaurant owner Antonietta Vigliotti builds a keto diet community at Dolce Vita.

Syracuse University's Health Services is located at 111 Waverly Ave.
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Published: November 15, 2018

Two more free and confidential STI screening clinics are slated for the spring.

Decor inside XO Taco, a new Mexican restaurant in Syracuse
Life & Style
Published: November 13, 2018

The new resturant’s specialty tacos, served on house-made tortilla shells, are the highlight of its menu.

Mind Spa
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Published: November 11, 2018

In the midst of midterms, students can relax at the MindSpa with new technology and traditional meditation practices.

2018 Halloween Costumes based on Pop Culture
Life & Style
Published: October 30, 2018

Expect to see many costumes that draw inspiration from this year’s hottest films, celebrities and memes.