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This college TikToker spills how she does it all  

This college TikToker spills how she does it all  

Marketing and entrepreneurship student Hannah Krohne leverages her degrees to create a brand on social media.  

Portrait of Hannah Krohne April, 2024
Isabel Madover
Portrait of Hannah Krohne taken April, 2024.

With her window shades open to catch the natural sunlight, Hannah Krohne (@HannahLizzy_) puts her phone on a tripod with a ring light attached and begins to talk to her followers. The flattering lighting beams down for hours until all of the content is created — four videos per morning to be exact — all before attending a days-long schedule of classes. 

With a keen understanding of the TikTok algorithm, Krohne strategizes the best ways to present the latest it-trends to her fan base. She relays information in a way that makes it seem easy — as if she just had the spontaneous desire to tell her viewers about the fashion happenings of that day.

Around 9 p.m. every night, Krohne retires the LED bulbs and shuts the curtains, exposing a rare moment of darkness. Finally, she takes a breath from the blinding setup, only to get into bed and turn on her phone — and sometimes her computer. While Krohne’s day is filled with her creative side-hustle, the evenings give her time to plan for the following day. Krohne’s fans may perceive her content to be conversational and effortless, but each clip is deliberate and intentional. 

Krohne spends her nights screenshotting thousands of pictures from brands that ultimately accumulate in her camera roll.

Screenshot of Hannah Krohne's camera roll of outfit inspiration.
Hannah Krohne
Screenshot of Hannah Krohne’s camera roll of outfit inspiration.

“I am subscribed to every single fashion brand you could possibly think of to make sure I’m aware of any important drops,” Krohne said. Brainstorming the next day’s clips, she has a myriad of shopping tabs open to prep each element of her videos, with a focus on presenting her fashion tips in an aesthetically pleasing way to enhance engagement. 

Krohne coins her slice of the internet a “trend forecast,” predicting the next best going out top. Her predictions are a mix of the occasional gut-instinct with heavy research. 

“I browse [e-commerce shops] so often that I can pick out what the consistencies are among the different websites and therefore see what’s coming up,” Krohne said. She also uses runway shows as inspiration, adding that haute couture is commonly known for predicting trends at the highest level, before trickling down to the masses through ready-to-wear fashion. Then, she presents her findings to TikTok. 

Although Krohne is inherently creative with interests in the fashion sphere, her true passions reside in the business-side of the industry. Krohne acknowledges that her marketing and entrepreneurship degrees combined with her social media expertise created a mix of skills that led her to success.

Krohne sees the timing of her success to be “receiving a golden ticket,” as she understands the importance of her education and how it helped her to start a brand — while other influencers are many years out of college or forgo a degree altogether. Krohne’s industry insights gave her a leg up when starting her personal brand.

Like any other business, Krohne understood that in order to succeed she would need to differentiate herself from the masses. To do this, she helps her followers create a “capsule wardrobe” that “reflects personal style.” Krohne admits that following a heavily trend-focused buying cycle will quickly lead to re-purchasing over and over again due to the item’s short window of being “cool.” 

“If you are buying all of whatever’s micro trending, in two weeks your wardrobe goes back to nothing, because now none of that is trending anymore,” Krohne said.

While other influencers profit off of short and continuous buying windows, Krohne stands out, only recommending a trend if it doubles as a long-lasting wardrobe staple. She has established a strong brand identity that her audience can trust, all in just seconds-long concise clips. 

After staying consistent with posting four times a day for two years, Krohne finally gained recognition on the TikTok platform and now continues to see growth in her account. She currently has 145K followers on TikTok. 

While she found success, managers reached out to represent her account, with the intent to help Krohne partner with brands to monetize the business. After shopping her account around to different media agencies, Krohne ultimately tapped Aritzia’s social media specialist, Alex George, to represent her. Choosing George over a huge, well known, agency was another smart and intentional move by Krohne.

George called their wins “mutually beneficial,” adding that she knew Krohne would be the perfect fit for 18Talent due to her intelligence and dedication to success. 

Since partnering with George, Krohne emphasized that she would not be take just any collaboration — remaining true to her marketing mindset, even if it means turning down profits. 

“Each decision I make to move forward with a brand or not to collaborate with them is a strategic decision in itself because I’m choosing how I want to be perceived,” Krohne said. “If I want to eventually work with high-end and luxury brands, then I’m not going to work with fast fashion brands like Shein or Edikted.”  


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Although Krohne is tactical and deliberate with everything surrounding her brand image, there is one aspect of her page that was born completely organically: her viral go-to bar outfit that was seen all over users’ For You pages. Krohne can be seen on weekends in a matching skirt and top set with high black boots and an oversized leather bomber. 

At Syracuse University, girls who didn’t know Krohne personally, began to recognize her from her staple attire. 

“Seeing Hannah’s outfits always inspires me to change up my wardrobe,” senior Sydney Jones said. “I even bought an iconic pair of high black boots because of her.”