Fresh Squeezed Sports podcast: Syracuse football heads to Death Valley

Podcast: SU football heads to Death Valley

Mark Budd and Josh Crawford discuss the SU-Clemson showdown and what was learned from men's basketball media day.
Published: October 21, 2022
Fresh Squeezed Sports Season 2: Episode 5

In episode 5 of this season’s Fresh Squeeze Podcast, Mark Budd and Josh Crawford discuss Saturday’s upcoming football game between the No. 14 Orange and the No. 5 Clemson, including their predictions for the final score.

As the first exhibition game nears for SU men’s basketball, hear what Justin Taylor, Qadir Copeland and Judah Mintz had to say about the upcoming season.

In another segment of “what grinds your gears,” producer Andrew Macbeath discusses his disappointment with the New York Jets playing well from the perspective of a Patriots fan. As a Jets fan, Josh doesn’t take too kindly to the worldwide disrespect the Jets still endure.

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