Tips for surviving spring break in any situation

Tried-and-true tips for surviving spring break

Whether you’re hitting the beach or chilling back home, we’ve got advice for making the most of your week off from classes.
Published: March 6, 2019
Beach Scene - Spring Break 2019: Tips for Any Situation

After a winter filled with freezing temperatures and snow, the countdown for spring break has begun. Whether you’re planning a wild vacation with your closest college friends, heading back home to family, or simply staying in Syracuse, it’s up to you to make the most out of those nine days off. But, don’t worry! SU upperclassmen share their tips and tricks to making the best of spring break and having a good time.


If You’re Going on A Trip with Your Closest Friends…

With any trip, it’s crucial to plan ahead. “If you’re traveling somewhere with your friends, have an in-person meeting to discuss details and stay organized,” said senior Julianna Lopez, who is taking a cruise over the break with ten of her friends. “Things can easily slip through the crack if you don’t have everything organized.”

Additionally, making sure to take time for yourself, even when on a trip with friends, is key to avoiding drama, which sometimes seems unavoidable when mixing alcohol, sleep deprivation, sunburns, and a large group of your friends. Most importantly, be adaptable to situations and problems that pop up, and realize that everything won’t go the way you want it to, no matter how hard you plan. “Nothing good ever happens by screaming at employees,” said junior Julia Pion. “Just go with the flow. Some of my best vacation memories happen by accident!”

Finally, no matter what, use sun protection. “Wear sunscreen,” said senior Juliet Moore, “especially if you don’t want to look like a sofa in twenty years. Tans might be trendy, but skin cancer is not.”

Spring Break 2019: Tips for Any Situation

If You’re Heading Back Home…

Heading back home for break is a great way to get some R&R, especially after a week packed with midterms. What’s better than home-cooked meals from your mom, catching up with friends and siblings, or simply chilling in your own room?

Senior Alexis Whellan suggests catching up on all the things you can’t do in ‘Cuse. “Try to get your life together, as in get haircuts, doctors’ appointments, things like that so you don’t have to worry about it at school,” Whellan said. “It’s a great time to play catch up.” Other upperclassmen suggest catching up on sleep and hanging with any pets. “Spend as much time with your dog as possible,” Whellan advised.

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If You’re Absolutely Broke…

Let’s face it. By mid-Spring semester, any funds you saved up over winter break have been depleted by GrubHub deliveries and fishbowls at Lucy’s. Spring break is a perfect time to make some money by picking up shifts at your old job. “Whenever I’m stuck at home and everyone’s on vacation, I take the opportunity to pick up so many shifts wherever I’ve worked if I am still in contact with them,” said Junior Anna Russo, “I make bank.”

If you aren’t into working your entire break, use the time to hang with your family—even if they can drive you a little crazy. “Indulge in local food and homemade meals to save some cash,” said sophomore Chandler Plante, “But enjoy homemade cuisine since ‘Cuse has nothing but a single pasta joint and lukewarm Natty Lites.”

If you start feeling stir crazy, Plante suggests using well-timed naps to help avoid “family rants” and those routine questions about your 20-year life plan after college.

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If You’re Staying in Syracuse…

Stuck in Syracuse? Take advantage of having the campus to yourself and just relax. “Lay low,” said senior Juliet Moore. “If the semester is giving you a hard time, take the time to chill. The break is supposed to be a time to recharge.”

Moore also stresses that students should refrain from setting expectations about what spring break is “supposed” to look like, and just enjoy the days off. “No need to have expectations about what your break should look like. Simply take advantage of every opportunity presented to you that doesn’t stress you out!”