Syracuse Fashion Week: A close-up spectacle of CNY designers’ latest visions

Syracuse Fashion Week: A close-up spectacle of CNY designers’ latest vision

'Fall Fling' and 'High Fashion' explore local Syracuse designers’ take on seasonal attire and social topics
Published: October 3, 2022
Group photo of models and designers in Aloft hotel lobby, taken after Syracuse Fashion Week's Wednesday
Models and designers grouping together after offering a stunning show on Wednesday night.

Syracuse Fashion Week closed last week with High Fashion and Fall Fling– two stunning shows spotlighting the latest fashion trends from Central New York designers.

The scale of the shows is yet to recover from the pandemic fully. Compared to the glimmering open-air runway show along Walton Street in 2019, Aloft Hotel’s lobby and the Loft at Flynnstoned offer a far more compact presentation.

Yet route loops threading through the audience in undersized venues offered an incredibly intimate fashion experience.

From gleaming metal accessories to formal wear couture, fashion spanning all different applications had its place in the two shows, giving something for almost everyone.

The “Fall Fling” event on Wednesday showcased family-friendly fashion, with ready-to-wear designs for a variety of demographics.

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Syracuse Fashion Week models

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Through four families’ heart-warming fashion walks, Ezmira Neshawaits proved that parent-child outfits do not have to be generic. Her works utilize bold cuts of denim, complemented by strong nature imagery, suggesting a comforting country style.

Those fluffy companions whose fashion needs often get overlooked also turned into fashion models, thanks to Walking Miss Daisy Pets Accessories, which made pet collars with exquisitely patterned textiles.

Dog models at Syracuse Fashion Week show
Shy dog models showing latest collar fashions from Walking Miss Daisy Pets Accessories.

The “High Fashion” event on Friday night, on the other hand, took the ceiling of fashion beyond the limit. It was less family-friendly starting with its name, which nods to the future opening of the FlynnStoned cannabis dispensary, the venue where the show was held. And it proved to be an appropriately chosen place for showcasing designers’ wildest prospects for the future of fashion.

Lucky Mae’s Closet pushed the floral theme with some other-worldly apparel, while street attire by the Flower Skate Shop showed their power to pimp up almost anyone.

Model at Syracuse Fashion Week fashion show

Model showing floral chaplet from Lucky Mae’s Closet.

Street wear fashion at Syracuse Fashion Week

Street ensemble from Flower Skate Shop embraces multiculturalism.

Seasonal designs themed both shows to propel the local fashion community into the time of harvest.

For facing Syracuse’s approaching autumn, Projex214 offered some fashion inspiration with their men’s garment line, blending outdoorsy with classy.

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Men's garments at Syracuse Fashion Week

The Friday “High Fashion” show promoted a wilder side of the fall season. Candy Cult Burlesque went full-out with their overwhelming dark-esque, celebrating Halloween early with leather whips and iron spikes.

Model at SFW
Model showing edgy takes of Hallowing outfit from Candy Cult Burlesque.

Having endured through the pandemic, fashion talents in Syracuse are now looking forward, eager to respond to ever-changing social issues with their awe-inspiring visions.

Next Life Apparel made leftovers stylish by repurposing bleached cloths and mismatched fabric, embodying the beauty of recycling.

Upcycled outfit at Syracuse Fashion Week makes recycling chic
Next Life Apparel repurposes clothes that go from bleaching accident to fashion statement.

The Higher Callings embraced New York State’s new cannabis dispensary allowances with no ambiguity. As did the Sunshadow Design, who commemorated the opening of FlynnStoned, Syracuse’s soon-to-be first marijuana dispensary, with glistening cannabis leaves forged with exquisite metals and shimmering jewels.

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The Higher Callings(left) and Sunshadow Design(right) integrates cannabis imageries boldly with their works.

Besides empowering local fashion talents, Syracuse Fashion Week has also been committed to the Central New York community since its inception. This year, the show continues its tradition of supporting the Food Bank of Central New York, with two on-site cash donations from audiences, adding on to the $24,000 total donations since 2014.

Syracuse Fashion Week partners with Food Bank of Central New York
Michael Benny, the host of Friday night’s show, raising audiences’ awareness with Lynn Hy, the Chief Development Officer of CNY food bank.