Review: Jesse McCartney struck a sentimental chord at the NYS Fair

Review: Jesse McCartney struck a sentimental cord at the NYS Fair

The 2000s pop star performed hit songs like "Beautiful Soul" on the fair's final weekend.
Published: September 6, 2021
Jesse McCartney performed at the New York State Fair to a sea of fans, from young to old. He performed hit songs from the early 2000s such as
Jesse McCartney performed at the New York State Fair to a sea of fans, from young to old. He performed hit songs from the early 2000s such as "She's No You."

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, Chevy Park was buzzing in anticipation for the 2000’s heartthrob, Jesse McCartney, to take the stage at the New York State Fair.

With a punky upbeat strut, the pop star from the past, came onto the stage wearing massive black sunglasses that covered half of his face and began to sing “She’s No You.”

Anyone born in the 1990s is probably familiar with McCartney, especially Disney fans, who grew up with songs like “Beautiful Soul” and “Because You Live.”  His set brought the audience back to the 2000s when the precious nostalgia had been left behind with those childhood memories. However, when he turned the microphone to the fans to sing, few responded. The passion of the audience seemed to be bonded by the grey clouds. The unconcerned audience seemed to pretend like they had a connection with the song, posing a superficial excitement and applause every time he called for some reactions. Even in one of his most famous songs, “Because You Live,” only a few shy voices could be heard.

McCartney charmed the audience through his chill stage presence. Especially when he sang “Just So You Know,” he introduced the great guitarist Dory Lobel, who has been playing with him since he was 16. The atmosphere they created together made everyone move their body through the vibe. The seasoned singing skills McCartney brought on stage blew the listeners’ minds. Finally, they started to participate in McCartney’s set.

Jesse McCartney performs as the 2021 New York State Fair
McCartney, 34, performed an hour-long set for his die-hard fans, who knew all the words to his songs. Prior to his latest song releases, his last full album was in 2014.

The first word jumped out of his mouth with so much power that it punched people’s nerves immediately and dragged the audience’s wandering attention back to the performance, their voices gathered in the air and joined the chorus.

The crescendo of the performance came after the song, “Wasted.” He went over to the keyboard and sang a special “Happy Birthday” to one of the fans in the crowd. The melody floated with his charming voice, like a lover’s whisper. This best gift ever for the lucky girl not only caused fever in the crowd.

As the sun came out it began to get hotter, and McCartney struck an opening chord of “Bleeding Love.” The hit song by Leona Lewis was written by McCartney, which was supposed to be on his third album. The keyboard produced a clear and melodious sound, followed by drum walking in like a trained soldier stomps the ground, the rhythm of McCartney’s version is totally different from Lewis’. The drumbeat was like a heartbeat, strong and unflinching, McCartney sang about how a tough relationship made him grow, and he left the heartache to the past.

From this point on, McCartney shows his magic of attracting people to the performance. No matter if you knew him before or not, McCartney immersed the audiences in this incredible journey.

At the end of the show, he announced that there will be a new album coming out later this year and a tour in November.

McCartney closed out the show with “Beautiful Soul.” Everyone in the audience put their hands up and sang along to the unforgettable track. Sixteen years after its release and the catchy beat still captured the audience. McCartney’s fame may have come in gone but this concert was proof that his music lived on.