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is a contributing photographer and reporter for The NewsHouse in the multimedia, photography and design master's program. When she's not taking photos or writing about pop culture, she's trying the latest vegan recipe she found on Instagram.


Three-year-old Nova Johnston, visiting with her parents from Canandaigua, looks up at her dad while petting a newborn calf inside the dairy cattle building on Saturday, August 28, 2022, at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York.
Off Campus

Crowds return for State Fair concerts, thrills

Published On: August 29, 2022

A summer-closing tradition at the New York State Fairgrounds, the 13-day celebration includes a variety of musical acts, food choices and fair attractions.

Illustration of woman in purple shirt in a crowd
Enforcing Equity, EQ Story Page

Survivors Turn From Title IX Reporting

Published On: May 3, 2022

Sexual assault survivors at SU often turn to outside resources and supports and are unlikely to report to the Title IX office.

Audrey Nuna performing at Juice Jam 2021

Backstage with Audrey Nuna

Published On: September 28, 2021

The NewsHouse chatted with the joyful young pop star following her performance at University Union's Juice Jam 2021.

Jack Harlow points to a fan at Juice Jam on September 26th, 2021.

Juice Jam’s return excites music fans

Published On: September 26, 2021

After 18 months of live concerts being canceled or put online, SU students pack Skytop Field for Jack Harlow, B.o.B. and more.