Video shows individual attacked by a group on University Avenue

Video shows group attacking person on University Ave.

SU, DPS and SPD are investigating the incident and trying to identify individuals in the video.
Published: October 18, 2021
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In a video originally posted by The Tab, onlookers recorded a man being attacked by a group of people on University Avenue near the Marshall Street intersection Friday. 

The group yelled that the man had stolen their wallets and continued to kick and punch him as he was already on the ground. According to The Tab’s Instagram, the account received direct messages saying the man, who was not a SU student, had not stolen anyone’s wallets, and that the group who attacked him apparently attended the university.

In a follow-up video posted later by The Tab, individuals recorded their interactions with the responding officers from the Syracuse Police Department. They claimed the officers were not interested in the well-being of people in the community, and yelled that the officers weren’t trying to find the attackers.

The SU community received an email Sunday night from Bobby Maldonado, chief of Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety, and Allen Groves, senior vice president for the student experience, stating that the university is investigating the incident by reviewing security footage, looking for additional footage, and viewing photos and videos from the scene. 

The individuals in the video have not been identified and the school cannot confirm whether any of those in the video are SU students, Maldonado and Groves said in the email. If a student is found to have been involved in the assault, they would face immediate consequences such as interim suspension and a referral to SU’s Office of Community Standards and SPD, the email said.

Maldanado and Groves asked anyone who can help identify the individuals to contact the Department of Public Safety, the Syracuse Police Department, or the Office of the Dean of Students. Additionally, individuals can submit an anonymous tip through the Silent Witness tool or the Rave Guardian mobile app.