Where to find your Halloween look in Syracuse

Where to find your Halloween look in Syracuse

Look spooktacular for Halloweekend after a trip to one of these local stores.
Published: October 22, 2019

Whether you think Halloween is the best holiday of the year or simply see it as an opportunity to party in a creative outfit, putting together a good costume takes planning and a little shopping around. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to find Halloween costumes, ranging from Halloween superstores to budget-friendly thrift shops. 

Wall of animal costume accessories at Spirit Halloween
Dressing as an animal is an easy Halloween staple on college campuses, but Spirit Halloween’s vast selection of animal costumes and accessories make it easy to mix it up.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is known for taking over the empty shells of shops and transforming them into a Halloween lover’s paradise every autumn, but this store really does have anything you could think of when it comes to costumes. Spirit has hundreds of full costumes for sale, ranging from a classic witch or vampire to the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus and iconic outfits from the newest season of the Netflix original “Stranger Things.” The store also offers a massive range of miscellaneous costume pieces and accessories, so if you’re not feeling like committing to a character, grab a corset, a skirt and a wig and put together your own spooky look. They offer even more costumes and accessories online, but be sure to give yourself enough time for your order to arrive before your various Halloween parties. 

Closest location to campus: 3196 Erie Blvd. E

Party City costume wall
Instead of placing all its Halloween costumes in store aisles, Party City creates a collage of its costume offerings along its store walls. Customers can then ask employees to retrieve specific costumes from the back.

Party City

Along the same vein as Spirit Halloween, Party City sells hundreds of Halloween costumes and accessories both in-store and online. Aside from the walls of full costumes to choose from, the store has aisles teeming with themed clothes and accessories for you to mix and match. True to its name, the store also sells tons of themed party decorations, so if you’re in the market for both a costume and some Halloween party necessities, this is the place to go.

Closest location to campus: 3409 Erie Blvd. E

A sign for Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique.
Target's “Hyde and Eek! Boutique” is in the back of the store, creating a special spot for Halloween costumes, candy and decorations.


Target really does have it all: groceries, clothing, home decor, and even Halloween costumes. Follow the “Hyde and Eek! Boutique” signs hanging up throughout the store and you’ll end up in a corner dedicated to everything spooky. There are a number of costumes and accessories available in-store, but Target uses most of its Halloween retail space for children’s costumes. If you’re really invested in giving Target even more of your money this Halloween, check out the full range of adult costumes and accessories available on their website.

Closest location to campus: 3657 W. Genesee St.

Three Windsor mannequins in Halloween costumes
Windsor’s Halloween “costume” collection includes statement pieces like skeleton bodysuits, mermaid skirts, and flower crowns.


Although it’s normally a store known for trendy women’s clothing, Windsor loves a good Halloween party. Every October, the store uses a good portion of its display window to promote its line of Halloween “costumes” and there’s lots of retail space dedicated to Halloween-themed merchandise. The store even has an online Halloween shop. While you won’t find a range of full costumes like you would at a Spirit Halloween or Party City, this is a good source for items like skin-tight skeleton bodysuits and two-piece metallic outfits marketed as butterfly costumes. Their Halloween selection is great for Halloweekend frat parties or for last-minute costume accessories like tiaras, flower crowns or devil horns. 

Closest location to campus: Destiny USA, 1st floor

Exterior of Forever 21 in Destiny USA
Even though the store doesn’t sell Halloween costumes directly, Forever 21 sells clothing and accessories that could be fashioned into costumes, including themed shirts, animal-print tops and dresses, and headbands shaped like animal ears.

Forever 21

Sure, the company may be filing for bankruptcy but Forever 21 has cheap clothes that can be fashioned into Halloween costumes with a little creativity. That sparkly white crop top on sale for $5? Pair it with some pastel pants and a horned headband and you’re a unicorn. That leopard-print dress? Find some cat ears and maybe a tail and now you’re a jungle cat. Walk into a Forever 21 with $20 and a little imagination and you’ll easily leave with one or two fun Halloween party outfits. 

Closest location to campus: Destiny USA, 2nd floor

3fifteen (and other thrift stores)

College students love bargains, so why shouldn’t our Halloween costumes also be cheap? Whether you’re trying to piece together a costume with second-hand sweaters and pants or you’re willing to shell out $15 for an outdated full costume, 3fifteen and other local thrift stores have your back. Who knows, you might stumble upon the perfect pink sweater to be Betty from “Riverdale” or a lime green T-shirt that’s just right to be Shaggy from “Scooby-Doo.”

Closest location to campus: Marshall Square Mall