WERW Launch Party brings Froggies x Frankie Cosmos to Schine Underground

WERW Launch Party hosts Froggies x Frankie Cosmos

The annual WERW Launch Party enticed first time fans and long term stans.

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Nicole Hopwood
Froggies open the WERW Spring Launch party in the Schine Underground on Friday.

WERW, the independent, student-run radio station at SU, hosted their spring launch party on Friday. The event brought an eclectic mix of indie, alternative and rock media to an eager crowd in Schine Underground.

Under the glow of dimmed lights, the audience erupted with energy as soon as the female-led rock band, Froggies, stepped onto the stage. With a spectrum of colorful guitars and stage lights reflecting off silver balloons, the night unfolded in bursts of angst and excitement. 

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The whimsically titled band composed of SU students played several songs from their discography, including a cover of “Magic Man.” It was a crowd pleaser, and those in attendance seemed to appreciate this ode to Heart. They also debuted a new track called “Lullaby.” With soft guitar plucking mimicking the song’s eerie tone, it made for the perfect show-stopping tune.

The genre-blending band finished their set with a drum beat that encapsulated the entire venue, making an exciting transition to Frankie Cosmos’ set. 

Frankie Cosmos then took the stage and immediately captivated the audience with tracks such as “Aftershook,” “Empty Head” and “So Blue.” Their indie-rock anthems packed a punch and left fans wondering why their songs were not a bit longer.

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The band sang about everything from the lead singer’s dog to contemplating a fallen tree. Frankie Cosmos and the audience had numerous shared moments, making the venue feel personal for everyone in attendance. 

At last, the much anticipated “Fool” began to play, and the concert ended, unsurprisingly, on a high note. Not short of being responsible for the mini-dance parties breaking out in the middle of the floor, Frankie Cosmos’ magnetic personalities were more than evident in Schine on Friday evening.

WERW delivered a memorable night of music, kicking off the spring season with a bang.

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Nicole Hopwood
Students at the WERW spring launch party in Schine Underground on Friday.