Lil Yachty headlines University Union’s annual Block Party

Lil Yachty headlines Block Party

FEEM, KRRAHBOOO, ISOxo, and Teezo Touchdown light up the Dome for SU’s year-end concert.

Lil Yachty performs onstage at the University Union Block Party friday night
Lil Yachty on stage at the 2024 University Union Block Party on Friday night.

Oh, wait, Lil Yachty sang that? The two-time Grammy nominee headlined the JMA Wireless Dome Friday night, where he not-so-subtly reminded Syracuse University students and general fans that yes, he did.

The University Union’s Annual Block Party began promptly at 1 p.m., with the Block Darty on the quad. The pseudo-festival included food trucks, blow-ups, face painting and a stage completed with sets by Renforshort, DWLLERS and Dreamer Isioma.

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Darty festivities wound down at 5 p.m., as students were allotted a few hours to relax and refresh before crowds flooded the Dome for the block party.

Doors opened at 7 p.m. with a concert featuring various sets from Syracuse’s own FEEM, KARRAHBOOO and ISOxo. Soon after, lights dimmed and the main opener, Teezo Touchdown, vaulted onto the stage.

Teezo Touchdown performs at the 2024 block party on Friday night
Teezo Touchdown leaps onstage at the JMA Wireless Dome on Friday.

As a clear homage to his alias and persona, the performer came out in a black leather bodysuit, completed with DIY carpenter nail shoulder pads and game-day face paint.

“Syracuse! Since I’m Teezo Touchdown, and we’re in a football stadium, I’m gonna call an audible real quick.” The artist strayed from his set list, performing a few new songs including “Third Coast” and “5 O’Clock” before getting the crowd to bark to Drake’s “Amen.”

Touchdown concluded his set with one of his most popular songs, “I’m Just a Fan,” and began his descent offstage by warmly welcoming Lil Yachty.

“Now Syracuse,” Touchdown said. “My good friend Lil Yachty is about to come on stage, and he was one of the first people to believe in me. Make sure you find someone you know and tell them you believe in them too.”

Shortly after Touchdown’s exit, the spotlights shone down and the headliner caprioled in, screaming to the crowd, “Syracuse, are you ready baby?!”

Although the right side of the crowd certainly was, Yachty thought the left side needed a little work. “I see you right side, but left? We’re gonna need some more motherf*cking energy from you!”

Yachty began by performing a few songs off his 2023 album, Let’s Start Here with the upbeat hit, “drive ME crazy.” He attempted to bring the Dome as close to a rave as possible, peaking with a mosh pit at 10:04 p.m. as the artist rolled into a superfecta of his best originals and features — idling between “Minnesota,” “Broccoli,” “iSpy” and finishing with “Magic in the Hamptons.”

The rapper’s interactions with the crowd continued throughout the concert, whether acknowledging he saw one fan’s Instagram direct message or playfully ostracizing another.

“You, in the white shirt! You don’t look like you’re having a good time!” Yachty said, while the venue turned the lights up so the audience could look at the unfortunate fan and all together, yell, “Have a good time!”

Yachty rounded out his set and drew the night to a close with another mosh fueled by anthems “Poland” and “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY,” ensuring the concert went “out with a motherf*cking bang!”

University Union’s Block Party packed a punch from start to finish – whether or not the energy of the swings was always there. Yachty proved his classic hits still belong at a college party and his new tunes may just withstand the Syracuse University music scene.