Back to ‘Cuse

Back to 'Cuse

SU students soak up the fleeting summer heat during the first weeks of classes and settle back into life on the hill.
Published: September 8, 2018 | Updated: September 17th, 2018 at 11:42 am
Basketball at Sunset
A group of SU students practice their jump shots in front of the Women's Building.

Syracuse University’s quad is rarely empty this time of year, as students soak up the fleeting summer heat before the infamous Syracuse winter sets in.

U100 tour guides can be spotted leading herds of prospective students and their parents (and often a few, less impressed younger siblings) in and out of buildings across campus. Small groups of students work on their laptops in the shade provided by nearby trees. Some professors are even opting to conduct classes outdoors.

The University has also hosted several back-to-school activities on the quad, in the Carrier Dome, and at Schine Student Center. Among these events, the Involvement Fair tends to draw in the largest crowd. Campus organizations boost engagement by showing off what they do and how students can get involved.

Whether they’re tabling for their favorite club, taking the scenic route to class, sunbathing on a bench, or playing games in the grass, students are milking every second of sunshine while it lasts.

Shuttle Bus
A swarm of SU and ESF students pile onto the bus that will take them to the NY State Fairgrounds.
Singing Bus Driver
Dana Isaacs, right, shows her #tattoos to Mickey “The Flying Busman” Mahan. Isaacs, a transfer sophomore, said the design symbolizes her Onondaga Nation heritage.
BBB Fire Drill
Sluggish freshmen at Brewster, Boland and Brockway Halls cross the street during an early fire drill.
State Fair Shuttle Bus
Waiting for the 1:00 p.m. shuttle to the #newyorkstatefair, students take shelter under a tree outside Slocum Hall.
Paint the Fence
SU painter Jim Fiumara adds a coat of paint to the outer railing at Haven Hall. The work is expected to take most of the day. Other plans for the residence hall include a touch up of the siding that encircles the building's lower section. "When the sun comes out, we're trying to be on the other side of the building," joked Fiumara.
Walking to class
Professor Thomas John (center) heads down the Mount Steps en route to his office in the Mathematics Department.
Sleeping on the hill
JCM Major Thomas Phelan relaxes on Crouse College's grassy hillside. "I've got a class in a few. There's not enough time to go home, so I'm just chilling," Phelan said.
Otto on a Bus
Otto the Orange brightens up a South Campus bus with his charming smile on a Sunday afternoon.
Campfire in University Hill
Students relax at a #bonfire in the University Hill neighborhood Friday night.
Dashing through the rain
Junior Emma Wilson dashes to escape the rain after studying at Recess Coffee off Westcott Street, a popular study spot for students living off campus in the neighborhoods east of SU.
Upoint Studying
Junior Sara Cummings is the lone student in the #UPointSyracuse apartment study lounge on Friday afternoon. “Students are probably putting off their work until Sunday,” Cummings said.
Bench Sitter
Sophomore Olivia Mulloy sits on a bench outside of Huntington Beard Crouse with her inflatable globe–a required visual aid for her astronomy course.
Music Industry student Kevin Blydenburgh eats under a shady tree on Tuesday. “I’ve had not one, but two classes cancelled today, so I figured now’s a good time for lunch,” he said.
People's Place
Seniors Baylee Wright (left) and Ciara Bethel (right) love cracking jokes and dancing to the radio in between customers at People's Place.
Shade Sitting
Syracuse juniors Rachel Brachman (left) and Carolin Bader (right) work on assignments in a shady area on the Hendricks Chapel steps.
Night time walk along the road
A small group of students head out for the night outside Oren Lyons Hall while a Residential Security Assistant remains on duty inside the dorm.
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