Syracuse women’s lacrosse extends win streak to six in Virginia Tech victory

Syracuse women’s LAX extends win streak to six in Virginia Tech victory

Delaney Sweitzer sets a new career-high 15 saves with five Meaghan Tyrrell goals.
Published: March 5, 2023
SU player, Natalie Smith, defends against number 43 as she attempts to score.
Virginia Tech's Blair Guy (#43) attempts to score as Syracuse's Natalie Smith tries to block her shot during an ACC women's lacrosse game Sunday at the JMA Wireless Dome.

In a game dedicated to the 15 For Life Foundation and mental health awareness, the Syracuse Orange (6-0) beat the Virginia Tech Hokies (1-4), overcoming a slow start early on. After the Orange scored six and conceded none in the second quarter, they did not look back, winning the game 16-5. 

“It really meant a lot to our program today…(to) represent the 15 for Life Foundation,” SU head coach Kayla Treanor said. “This day was special because of that.”

Syracuse got off to a slow start in the first quarter, absorbing long spells of possession from the Hokies. Orange goalkeeper Delaney Sweitzer made a few early saves to keep the score locked. Olivia Adamson broke the deadlock, as Emma Ward picked up her first assist of the match. 

“We’re really proud of (Sweitzer) and she was the difference maker today,” Treanor said. “It’s a much closer game if Delaney doesn’t have a game (like) she did.” 

The Hokies continued to apply pressure, with Olivia Vergano eventually scoring a goal to even up the match. The Orange went into the second quarter with the 2-1 lead after attack Megan Carney recorded her 22nd goal of the season off an assist from Jenny Markey.

“I think in that first quarter we had those looks, we really just weren’t finishing or capitalizing on them,” Meaghan Tyrrell said. “So heading into the second quarter, we made some adjustments and we were able to put some (goals) away.”

SU vs VTech - Women's Lacrosse Game
Virginia Tech's Jocelyn Torres (#36) attempts to block a shot on goal as Syracuse players look on.

The Orange slammed their foot on the gas in the second quarter, scoring six unanswered goals and taking a commanding 8-1 lead into the half. Sweitzer made multiple saves to shut out the Hokies, ending the half with nine.

The Tyrrell sisters each grabbed themselves some goals — Meghan Tyrrell with two and Emma Tyrrell with one. Ward also picked up two goals and her second assist. Sierra Cockerille scored one. 

Despite the onslaught of goals they conceded in the second quarter, Virginia Tech opened the scoring in the second half through Blair Guy. The Orange responded by scoring three goals in a row. Meaghan Tyrrell got her third goal and an assist, and Emma Tyrrell got her second and third goals. Ward made her third assist.

“My teammates, making great cuts, made my job easy, just getting on the ball,” Ward said. “Playing good team offense, it’s super easy for me to do my job when the people around me are also doing theirs.”

Sweitzer made four more saves, putting her game total to 12. The Hokies ended the quarter by scoring two goals. Hannah Mardiney got her first of the game and Olivia Vergano her second. The quarter ended 11-4 with both teams scoring three. 

The Orange put the game to bed in the fourth quarter, scoring five and allowing one. The quarter started off with back-to-back saves from Sweitzer, who broke her personal record of 13 saves in a single game, ending the game with 15. 

“Continuing to work on my mentality and my mental preparation has really helped me stay neutral and be ready for what’s coming next,” Sweitzer said. “I hope to break it (my save record) again and do it again.”

The Syracuse Women's lacrosse defense crashes as VTech drives to goal.
Syracuse defenders try to block Virginia Tech's Blair Guy.

A slick team move ended with Carney’s second goal, a behind-the-back shot off of Meaghan Tyrell’s pass. Adamson grabbed her second goal of the game from Ward’s assist, her fourth. The Hokies grabbed a goal through Guy’s second, but it was merely a consolation, as the Orange scored three late goals, two from Meaghan Tyrrell and one from Maddy Baxter, to end the game 16-5. 

“They gave us a great game, you got to really learn a lot from this game,” Treanor said. “I don’t think it was our best effort. But you know, overall, ACC is a great conference. It’s the best conference in the country for college lacrosse, every game you play, it’s going to be a really tough opponent.”

With a stellar performance in goal from Sweitzer and seven different goal-scorers, the Orange took a convincing 16-5 win against Virginia Tech at the JMA Wireless Dome. Looking ahead, the Orange will take on No. 13 Notre Dame Saturday at noon.