Let’s talk about sex at Sexposé

Talking 'Sex' at SU's Sexposé

Sexposé passed out condoms, dildos, handcuffs and more as groups across campus joined together to promote sexual health.
Published: February 28, 2019
Be Well SU educates students about safe sex and sex positivity.
'Be Well SU' educates students about safe sex and sex positivity.

Usually students attend campus events because of the free food, but the SU Residence Hall Association (RHA) reeled students in with free condoms, dildos, and food this time.  For this year’s Frisky February, a month-long initiative set to raise awareness and student knowledge of sexual health, the RHA teamed up with campus and community groups to host its annual Sexposé in Panasci Lounge this past Sunday.

“We as young adults have sex, so we might as well create a space where students can learn more,” said RHA director of programming, Nobi Nyabonda. “Sexposé is for students to think about sex in a more expressive way.”

Nyabonda, a freshman at Whitman School of Management, said her goal is to organize events that would appeal to students from different halls and create a space where people feel comfortable talking about sexual health.

In previous years, the event took place in September and was known as “Condom Carnival,” according to Griffin Timm, an administration and finance co-director for the RHA board.

“Nobi wanted to shake things up, and worked really hard on rebranding this event,” Timm said. “There are students who haven’t had an opportunity to talk about sex in an open way and this event truly serves to destigmatize.”

Students moved through table-set stations of eight different on-campus and off-campus organizations. All the organizations provided pamphlets, stickers, condoms and most importantly, information.

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Students Advocating for Sexual Safety and Empowerment, or SASSE, is a student-organized feminist group and was among the most popular tables at the Sexposé because of the games they offered. Students approached the bright pink table to play a lubricated thumb war game with a mini boxing ring. Other organizations offered games such as dildo ring toss, penis bowling, and a ball pit.

Each station also had large posters explaining a specific topic related to sexual health, geared towards both men and women. Community organizations made sure to supply participants with male and female condoms and an array of lubricants.

“We’re inclusive,” Nyabonda said. “It is 2019.”

Students won raffle tickets and won prizes for participating. Some of the prizes included dildos, vibrators, handcuffs and more.

Though attendance wasn’t as high as RHA hoped for, the interactive level was great considering the name, time change of the event and its new location.