How to do fall fashion in Central New York

Fall-ing for fashion in CNY

SU fashion students predict fall trends and offer style advice.
Published: October 21, 2021
Fall Fashion 2021
Autumn weather is taking over Central New York, inspiring students to bring out their favorite fall pieces.

Fall is a dynamic season for fashion, the bite in the air inspiring us to leave our sandals and summer dresses for a taste of edge in the items we pull from our closets. Whether this fall is your first in Central New York or simply a welcome back, one thing is certain: this season is a clean slate to experiment in fresh, trendy back-to-school looks.

Syracuse University fashion design students Aviwe Himlin Mayekiso, Meghan Coy, Kate Mehne, and Chloe Meacham shared their ideas for styling fall outfits for every occasion, incorporating the trends they see reemerging this season.

It’s clear that this fall is about maintaining timeless wardrobes, honing in on a sense of warm neutrality in our basics while learning to experiment with more abstract, playful pieces that are perfect for life in New York.

Chloe Meacham poses on a bench outside of the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University.
Chloe Meacham is a fashion design student at Syracuse University and loves to bring out bold pants as a fall fashion statement.

A Guide to Fall Bottoms

Loose-fitted pants have taken the fashion world by storm, and their emergence will only be stronger as the fall weather hits. Whether it’s a baggy jean or loose trouser, high rise or low rise, there’s no doubt that this early 2000s style is sticking around.

“I started wearing baggy pants last year, and that’s definitely carried over into this season with cargo pants and Dickies, creating this skater look that’s perfect for fall,” Mayekiso said.

Fall pants undoubtedly have the power to make a statement, and that statement can be elevated through proper styling.

“Simple jeans with a statement top is typical, but I think a simple top and a statement pair of pants makes more of an impression because people are more used to seeing bold tops,” Meacham said.

An inspired pant can resemble the Y2K feeling while complimenting the muted tones found in other fall basics.

Kate Mehne poses outside at Syracuse University.
Kate Mehne, a student in the fashion design program at Syracuse University, encourages peers to dress up their closet basics and experiment with creative ways to form fun outfits from what they already have.

The Perfect Fall Shoe

Fall opens the door for cooler, edgier shoe choices that will take any outfit to the next level, adding a unique spin on everyday looks or adding a bold element to a more assembled look.

“One trend I really like is people wearing chunky loafers to class, which you can easily dress up or dress down. I’ve seen them with shorts, skirts, and jeans,” Coy said.

Pairs with big buckle details, thicker soles, and darker colors add a daring element to a shoe typically categorized as preppy, making them ideal in casual or dressy outfits. Coy also sees a repurposing of cowboy boots taking place.

“Cowboy boots are one of my favorite looks for going out,” she said.

Bulky shoes and boots are going to be essential this fall, taking old shoe styles and reclaiming them in the midst of a 2000s fashion resurgence.

Class vs. Weekend Looks

Achieving a comfy and cute look that is functional for both daily life and the fall weather is easier than we think.

Mayekiso shared, “My main tactic is to have one piece that you like in your outfit. I usually wear some cool pants. I have these vintage Levi’s that are bleach dyed and I wear those with a comfy tank top.”

For a weekend look, Mehne suggested, “An oversized blazer with skinny pants and a tight top is a good go-to, as well as long-sleeved satin tops. You can still dress that up without feeling too conservative for the weekend.”

To further compliment a weekend look, Mayekiso recommended functional accessories to warm up your look.

“If you’re going to wear a skirt, patterned or colored tights are definitely coming into fashion,” she said.

The key to fall fashion in Central New York, whether you’re styling an everyday outfit or a weekend look, is using functional basic items to your advantage.

“People can use coats, boots, and warm pants to experiment with colors, designs, and accessories. It’s about knowing that you have to wear the same articles of clothing, but you have the freedom and choice to make it different,” Mehne said.