Go backstage at Syracuse Style with models, designers

Go backstage at Syracuse Style with these models, designers

In its ninth year, the fashion show included pieces from local boutiques and salons and drew on the talents of area beauticians.
Published: September 18, 2019

Parts of downtown Syracuse’s Armory Square were transformed into an 80-foot catwalk on the evening of Sept. 12 for Syracuse Style, where local boutiques and salons team up with models to showcase some of central New York’s trendiest fashion pieces.

Thursday evening saw area restaurants come alive with fashion show spectators as the 9th-annual event kicked off around 7:30 p.m. Apart from artists, models and designers, there are many other people who have a role in bringing the show to life, said Syracuse Fashion Week Executive Director Lisa Butler at the event.

“A city needs culture, artists, visionaries, commerce and a fun energy to thrive and SFW is a blend of these elements,” she said.

Backstage, the models, designers, make-up and hair artists involved in curating the show talked about the process that went behind making it happen. Here’s what several women had to say about fashion, dresses, designers and make-up in Syracuse.

Keyanna Coleman, model for Floridella Boutique

On what she loved about the piece she wore:

“Monica [designer at Floridella Boutique] wants to make sure that anybody walking in her boutique finds something that they see themselves in, and she has lots of diverse designs. I have been walking for her for the past three years. I am going to be a traveling nurse soon, so the part that related me the most about my dress is the map printed all over it. Plus the dress is flowy, comfortable and [it has pockets]!”

Syracuse Style
Syracuse Style

Hannah Iozzia, makeup artist

On what goes into putting together a makeup look:

“I just ask the girls who they are walking for and I kind of know where to go from there. The make-up choice is impromptu, more of freestyle. I was the last-minute addition to the make-up artist’s group for Syracuse Style Fashion Show. Some designers do specify about the kind of look they want. A lot of them are walking for [jewelry designer Michelle DaRin] her specific look was mod and the 60s, the Twiggy look.”

Tere Martini, model for New York Optometric and Floridella Boutique

On the significance of the event:

“I always volunteer my time for this event because it is one among many things that make Syracuse awesome. I am from Syracuse and we are like a small-big city, things like this brings the community out and it is for a good cause. We raise a lot of money for the Food Bank of Central New York. I have been walking the ramp for six years, generally the designer picks up the look. Shannon Fleming did my hair tonight and she made it super fabulous.”

Syracuse Style
Syracuse Style

Michelle DaRin, jewelry designer

On the design process behind the pieces she showcased:

“I design my own jewelry. It is all hand-made. My work is more of a meditation. I shut off the world while making these jewelries. It is just where my heart is. I have been a flower child all along. …I like the metaphysical elements in the stones that I am drawn to. I use magnesite a lot. For tonight’s event, I wanted a Twiggy-ish style. I love that 60s-70’s spirit, very much about love, non-conformist and being true.”

Kathie Morris, designer at The Changing Room

On the looks she curated for the show:

“I love leopard and I thought of Katy Perry’s “Roar.” When I looked more into it, the whole reason why she wrote that song was like ‘I am a woman and you hear me roar’ and that was the inspiration for my today’s theme. Also, leopard prints are big this season, but I also love anything vintage inspired. I have been in the retail industry for 40 years. I am a big believer in buying all classic and keeping your accessories trendy. My favorite from tonight are black pants and the gloves with the bracelet. I always have a theme and the song has to go with it, I am an old dancer, so it is pretty much like a Broadway show for me.”



Syracuse Style
Syracuse Style

Monica Villegas, designer at Floridella Boutique

On a design process that caters to the models:

“I like to bring in things that are not necessarily trendy, although we do have some trendy items, but for me, it is more about what’s your style? Be it boho, vintage, independent look, grungy chick. For tonight, I went with animal safari, I have little tiger prints. My idea is not to have a whole wardrobe, maybe just one piece, something that talks about who you are. Accessorize with a trendy jacket, a funky skirt, blouse, shoes, that brings out your personality.”