Four apps to make you a healthier, happier individual

Four apps to make you healthier, happier

Published: October 17, 2017
Four Healthy Apps

Phone applications seem to offer just about anything these days. From addicting social media platforms to seemingly pointless but annoyingly fun games, it seems all apps do is prevent you from being your best self. Despite this, there are a slew of applications that aim to help you be a healthier, happier individual. Check out a few below:


Plant Nanny

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Everyone is aware drinking water is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Still, with everything we have to focus on, it can be difficult to remember to sip. This all changes when a cute virtual plant is depending on your water intake for survival and will actually die if you neglect to drink, thanks to Plant Nanny. Each time you complete a bottle of water, you log it and in turn the app allows your plant to sprout. Forget to drink and your little guy gets sick and will eventually die—something nobody wants on their conscience—so really, the only option is to hydrate.



As amazing as your phone is, it is also a huge distraction. There is no arguing over this. Luckily, an app exists that can help you focus instead of diverting your attention. Forest allows you to set time limits and prohibit certain social media accounts on your phone so you are able to sit and finish a task at hand. As the time goes on, the app will shoot out encouraging messages and if you cave and click on one of the prohibited apps, the tree will die. If you make it to the end of your time goal and the tree has completely grown, you can add it to your forest, a visual representation of how successful you have been. The best part of the app is the fact that you can collect coins, which can eventually be used to donate a real tree to a farm in a developing nation.


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We all hear about meditation, but not all of us know how to actually start practicing. This is where Headspace comes in. The app was developed by Andy Puddicombe, who left his sports science degree behind to become a Buddhist monk. Puddicombe trained for more than 10 years all over the world and has now made it his mission to bring meditation to people like me, or people who don’t know where to start. The application has a basic pack, which gives users a base, but once they subscribe they have access to hundreds of guided mediations, animations, articles and videos. The practices vary in length and intensity depending on your need.


Free with In App Purchases

Have you ever wondered how much time you actually spend on your phone every day? FYI: It is probably way more than you think. With Moment, you can actually track this number and if it is a bit of a reality check, you can begin to reduce the hours wasted on your phone. Moment not only tracks your phone use, but you can set it up to give you limits and force you off your phone when you go over. It also shoots out updates throughout the day, color codes the length of a phone “session” and counts your individual phone “pick ups”—all so you can, well, live in the moment.