Style trends taking over this fall

 Style trends taking over this fall

With temperatures slipping, it’s time to revamp our wardrobe for cooler days.

Three students wearing leather jackets at Juice Jam 2023.
Ethan Canals-Fernández
A group of students at Juice Jam 2023 wearing heavy moto and varsity jackets.

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world gather every year to get a glimpse of the newest collections in the high fashion world to set the trends for the season. With the autumn equinox falling on Saturday, Sept. 23, fall has officially begun. It’s time to transition from light clothing to heavier pieces like long-sleeved tops and jackets.

With fashion capitals like New York City, Paris and Milan all hosting Fashion Week during late September and early October, new style trends emerge as designer collections are presented and celebrities debut fashion-forward outfits. From Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner coordinating their outfits in Milan to Hailey Bieber rocking a no-pants and sheer tights look in a Paris restaurant, celebrities push boundaries during these weeks. 

The abundance of fashion media content during this time allows people to get creative with what they can adapt from the runway: the easier to replicate, the faster it’ll grow as a trend. 

 Here are the top fall trends to be on the lookout for this season:

Red is the color of the season

Deep reds and burgundy hues are in this season. We’re used to the tan browns and burnt oranges, but red is the main character this year. Vogue called it “Tomato Girl Fall” in a recent article that detailed how the color was used by major fashion houses like Gucci and Ferragamo for a more vibrant approach to the season.  

Red is the color of “richness and lust/desire,” as described by VMagazine’s piece on Sabato De Sarno. De Sarno presented his first show as Creative Director of Gucci this past week with the Ancora collection in Milan. The highly anticipated collection presented over 50 looks with a variety of silhouettes. Gucci presented red leather as their accent color in almost every garment. Similarly, the celebrities present were also sporting fiery colors as Troye Sivan adorned a red suit and Kendall Jenner styled her outfit with red-heeled pumps and a matching red bag.

This fall, dark red can be an addition to your usual black or brown outfit. It’s the statement piece that brings your look to life. Through accessories like red boots, red jackets and red bags, anyone can spice up their look. It not only has the power to elevate a basic outfit, but it also brings joy through color. 

Oversized jackets and leather add edge

Leather jackets are timeless. The bulky jackets were first introduced to the fashion industry in 1928, with Harley Davidson’s The Perfecto moto jacket, designed by coat maker Irving Schott. Now, almost a hundred years later, the style continues to be a fashion staple.

Pop culture trends and social media influencers have kept leather jackets relevant, finding modern ways to make the old piece a staple of the season. Emma Chamberlain, global influencer and Gen-Z fashion icon, showed up to the Gucci fashion show in an all-black leather look. Similarly, fashion influencers like Sofia Boman have taken to social media to show off statement leather pieces. 

The leather jacket’s heavy fabric provides warmth, longevity and style. Local thrift stores around Syracuse like Plato’s Closet and Boom Babies Vintage will be sure to have some of these pieces up for grabs at an affordable price.

Retail stores also have these popular styles in stock with a wider range of color options and styles. Princess Polly recently showcased their “Goldsmith Faux Leather Bomber Jacket” in a viral TikTok, while Urban Outfitters has started to bring in more fall outerwear, heavily inspired by moto jackets. 

Bows add a touch of femininity

Juice Jam 2023 Fashion
Rachel Meller / Illustration by Nicole Hopwood

To contrast the look of heavy jackets and boots, the hairstyles for this season lean to a more soft and whimsical-like appearance. Colorful bows that adorn braids and half-up hairstyles can bring a youthful vibe to any fall outfit. A simple piece of ribbon or scarves are a fashionable way of adding an extra touch to your look, bringing an outfit together. 

Bows and ribbons are back in style at Juice Jam
Ethan Canals-Fernández
Student in the crowd at Sunday’s Juice Jam with bows braided into her hair.

Accessories that compliment your outfit show attention to detail, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by others. Small added pieces like jewelry, or in this case ribbons, reflect that there is much more to a look than just the clothes. Luckily, these accessories can easily be found at Target or Michaels for a few dollars, so you don’t have to break the bank to try something new. 

Earlier this year, dopamine dressing became a new trend. This theory emphasizes that when a person wears colors they love, they can get a boat of happiness and confidence. As the weather gets cold and gloomy, it’s important to make small efforts to preserve our well-being.  

Most importantly, fashion is about feeling. I’m a firm believer that when we look good, we feel good. Following this mindset, dressing according to our interests and moods is essential to being the best versions of ourselves.