Fall 2022 fashion trends as seen at Syracuse

Fall 2022 fashion trends as seen at Syracuse

See how students make these latest fall fads their own
Published: October 14, 2022

As the leaves start to change colors, Syracuse’s campus style also starts to change. This fall is all about oversized clothing and layering. Statement thrift pieces will also be popular, whether that be a unique sweater or a bold pant.

Keep an eye out for these pieces while you’re on campus: funky vests (sweater and puffer vests in particular); oversized sweaters on top of miniskirts with tights; layering with boxy blazers; and, last but not least, big coats. In terms of shoes: platforms, Boston clogs and loafers will be strutting the quad.

In her footsteps

Syracuse student in a green puffer vest and

Senior Julia Peterkins was wearing a textured white shirt paired with a green cropped puffer vest, black wide leg trousers and chunky dad shoes. Many students will follow in Peterkins’s footsteps by layering striking pieces over some of their favorite staples. This is a trend to pay attention to.

Going retro

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Graduate student Hoatian Shen was walking down the promenade in a statement ’80s-esque windbreaker jacket and jogger-style jeans. High-top Converse are another must-have this season, and platform variants like Shen’s have been increasing in popularity this year.

Layers on layers

Syracuse students on campus in autumn-wear

This duo was a stylish pairing, from Elaine Fang’s elevated boots to Wei Liangkun’s layering. A favorite maxi skirt with bold platform shoes is a foolproof look, and Fang’s outfit was spot on.

Essential basics

Syracuse student in a pea coat and suede chelsea boots

A good turtleneck will always be a crowd-pleaser. Evan Nanaj, graduate student, went all-out with a heather-texture jacket, Chelsea boots and fitted pants. Turtlenecks like Nanaj’s will be the perfect layering garment this fall, whether that be under a crewneck, a sweater or  just by itself.

These boots are made for walking

Syracuse student in a puffer vest, green cargo joggers, and combat boots

Silvia Diaz, junior, is giving autumnal Kim Possible. She had some nice layering with a collared shirt underneath a sweater topped by a cropped puffer. Her combat-style platform boots are something that will definitely be popular around campus this fall and did an excellent job at tying her fit together.