FADS transforms Schine Underground for their spring fashion show

FADS transforms Schine Underground for their spring fashion show

"Abiotic Wanderers" is the second part of a two-part series, demonstrating Earth before and after human existence.
Published: May 3, 2022
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Model Jennie Bull poses at the front of the stage wearing a dress created by designer Jacieon Williams.

Syracuse University’s Fashion and Design Society held its spring/summer 2022 fashion show, “Abiotic Wanderers,” on April 30th in Schine Underground. The show is a continuation of their fall/winter 2021 fashion show, in which they explored the intersection of nature and fashion. 

“Abiotic Wanderers” is the visualization of the extraterrestrial remains of a human society that ignored signs of environmental destruction and is left with a world that is unfamiliar and barren.

Staying true to the theme, FADS transformed Schine Underground into a new space, transporting the audience to an extraterrestrial realm. The  performance space resembled a new planet, with rock-like props decorating the space as if the audience had just landed somewhere out of this world.

Supporters of FADS shared their enthusiasm to see the continuation from last year’s theme being displayed on the runway. Ryan Conner, junior creative advertising major and member of FADS, shared his excitement to see the show come to life. 

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Anwuli Onwaeze has her makeup done before the show.

“I really liked the theme of the show and how it’s kind of like a reversal of last semester’s show,” Conner said. “So, I’m looking forward to seeing a big contrast in the pieces put together from last time.”

Smoke filled the room as green lights illuminated the runway and striking set design. The room slowly packed as electronic beats played and people gathered in anticipation for the start of the show.

“Abiotic Wanderers” displayed over 40 looks from student designers Abigail Minicozzi, Alex Vaida, Aphrodite, Eli James Schweimer, Emily Goldberg, Eve Ye, Isaac Haseltine, Jacieon Williams, Jordan Lee, Lindsay Kim, Mariama Barry, Matthew Swanson, Nicolas Ladino, Olivia Ferraro, Samantha Meyers, Shelstie Dastinot, Yianni Biniaris and Zihang Ding. 

Kyra Surgent, senior magazine journalism major, attended the show as a long-time supporter of FADS. 

“I’ve come to previous FADS shows, and I just find them super inspiring and really cool to watch, so I wanted to come here tonight,” Surgent said. “It’s my last one that I can come watch, so I’m excited to see what everyone designed. It already looks incredible.”  

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Before the start of the show, Jessie Zhai and Emily Goldberg, creative director and fashion director for FADS, delivered a speech giving a synopsis of the show and thanking everyone who helped bring it together. Shortly after, the show started with the first look of the night, modeled by Ares Taylor.

Instead of a traditional runway, the models walked on a square stage and posed on each side, allowing everyone in the crowd to get a good look at the pieces they wore. 

The fashion designs gave the audience a glimpse of futuristic high-fashion with pieces incorporating LED lights and many other non-traditional materials. The models sported makeup looks from bold eyelashes and dazzling glitter to graphic liner and colorful eyeshadows. 

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Lang Delapa wears a light-up dress designed by Alex Vaida.

This exuberant display of creativity is Tara Gordon’s favorite aspect of FADS. Gordon works as the director of communication.  

“It never fails to just impress me by how much talent we have on all the different committees. Every time my expectations are exceeded, and I’m honestly just lucky to be a part of it,” Gordon said. “When you collaborate and create and get together you can really create something spectacular like this.” 

The show ended with the models and designer taking one last strut down the runway side-by-side as the audience cheered and clapped in celebration of the electrifying experience.

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Model Ares Taylor wears a futuristic shirt designed by Jacieon Williams.
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