Earthfest: Syracuse celebrates Earth Day

Earthfest: Syracuse celebrates Earth Day

Thornden Park event provided the chance for community organizers and citizens to connect about their interests in preserving the planet.
Published: April 23, 2018

Since 1970, the annual Earth Day celebration on April 22 has grown to represent many different things: It is a celebration of the power our planet, an appreciation for the ground beneath us, and a reminder for sustainability.

Earthfest is a community organized event in Syracuse. Hundreds gathered in and around the amphitheater in Thornden Park. The crowd consisted of Syracuse University and ESF students as well as many local families and organizations.

The sun was out and spirits were high. Families gathered, children chased one another and dogs were around to greet anyone. The day started with a yoga session, followed by local speakers sharing what Earth Day meant to them. Local bands played for the crowd, ranging from covers of classic rock to calming Spanish music.

Local food trucks from Lady Bug Lunch Box and Peace Love Pizza provided snacks for the day. Additionally, local organizations and vendors lined the streets and the bottom of the amphitheater. Those organizations included: Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment, Sweet Trees Maple Products, Food Recovery Network, Overcast Clothing, and Rainforest Spice Co.


Honey sticks from Rainforest Spice Co.


Honey from Rainforest Spice Co.

Rainforest Spice Co. is a company from Taberg, NY, focused on creating all natural honey and beeswax products. The company was founded by Tim and Pat Hoda, and this was their third year at EarthFest.

“We probably make 45 different products,” said Hoda. “With the accent of all natural products from the hive…we’re like old hippies from the 60s. We live a sustainable life, low carbon footprint.”

The event also was a place for politics as organizations like the International Socialism Organization set up a table to sell literature and engage those interested in learning more.


"Plastic Bag Person."


Students for Sustainability tent.

“We can’t save the planet without destroying capitalism because it will never be profitable to keep the planet healthy,” said Megan Ferreira, a 2017 ESF graduate. “We think that all forms of oppression are connected to the system of capitalism and until we can have the radical democratic power we won’t be able to make the decision as a species to save our planet in the way that we need to.”

It is important to note that the organizers wanted those in attendance to feel the positive vibes of Earth Day and Earthfest, however, they also urged them to understand that while Earth Day is a celebration, with the increased rate of climate change, it is also a harsh reminder that we are killing our planet. “The results have been clear: famines, oceans rising, war across the planet,” said Blair Horner, the executive director of the New York Public Interest Group. “And we know what to do. Scientists tell us that the best thing to do is to stop burning fossil fuels. To keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

This event was an opportunity for community organizers and citizens to connect and share their love for the Earth and their collective interest in preserving the Earth. Earthfest 2018 was a successful event and those in attendance were able to enjoy the weather and the messages shared.