Black Student Union’s Masquerade Ball

Black Student Union's Masquerade Ball

SU students adorned their masks and ballroom attire for a night of dancing, desserts and decadence.
Published: November 15, 2022

The Sheraton’s Regency Ballroom was filled with décor, desserts and dancers dressed to the nines at the Black Student Union (BSU)’s Masquerade Ball this past Saturday.


Man hangs balloons for a masquerade ball

Junior Brandon Porter hangs balloons before the ball.

Girls in the bathroom taking selfies and doing their makeup.

Junior Tawny Hawthorne touches up her makeup in the mirror.

“We wanted to bring our culture together. Black is beautiful, Black is excellence, and we really just wanted to see that all in one room where everybody’s having a good time,” said Malique Lewis, Vice President of BSU.

The ball had a DJ blasting classic funk, hip hop and modern pop to get people on the dance floor and having fun.

“It’s not always about hard work and tough conversations,” Lewis said, “In order to have those tough conversations and get that work done, we have to come together and have a good time. When we bring everyone together in the same room for a good cause, now we’re able to tackle those hard things. Celebrating the Black people who are here and worked hard to get to Syracuse University and put the time, effort and work in, they deserve to see their people, they deserve to have a fun time. We just wanted to make that happen for them.”


Dance circles gave attendees the opportunity to show off their moves.

Students dance at the ball.

“We’d kind of hoped for a bigger turnout, but the last home game was today, and it was at night which we didn’t plan for, we thought it would be in the afternoon,” said Susan “Sooz” Gilmer-Hill, the president of BSU. “But people are having fun and I’m glad everyone’s dressed up. People are getting good pictures and having fun on the dance floor, buying masks, eating food, so I’m happy.”


Girl in a mask takes a slice of cake.

Junior Susan "Sooz" Gilmer-Hill packs a piece of cake to-go after the ball.

Girls complimenting each other's dresses.

Freshman Allison Goel compliments junior Jordan Pompey on her sparkling dress.

BSU has a trip to Sky Zone planned for Dec. 2, and their last general body meeting for the semester is Nov. 29. If you are looking to get involved, join their email list to stay up-to-date on BSU’s upcoming events and projects.