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The risks and rewards of legalizing marijuana

New York has relaxed its prohibition on marijuana and is debating outright legalization. This exclusive NewsHouse reporting project investigates what that means for the state, its farms, colleges and businesses.

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New York survey shows college students favor legalization
Placards display the menu for Mariah B’s CBD pop-up food table at a party.

CBD appeals to young people seeking stress and pain relief

Many people are turning to CBD as a body and mind relaxant, pain reliever and potential business venture.
Marijuana Word Origin

Marijuana is more than just a word, its controversial history reveals

A 420 exploration into "marijuana's" roots and other commonly used terms for Mary Jane from ganja to grass.
A Syracuse student smokes marijuana at their apartment.

Higher Education: Students discuss ups and downs of legal weed

Students say they'll skip dispensaries because of high prices and continue to purchase weed from dealers.
Researchers at Cornell's AgriTech lab in Geneva, N.Y.
Hemp plants at Cornell University's Surge Laboratory in Geneva New York on March 1, 2020.

Tour Cornell’s research facility where New York’s hemp industry takes root

Researchers are busy breeding hemp varieties that could mean the difference between flourish and flop for the farmers they serve.
Jacob Toth works with agarose gel, a medium that allows separation of DNA fragments based on molecular weight when a voltage is applied.

Challenges slow cannabis research despite rapidly expanding industry

Marijuana’s illegality continues to pose problems for those trying to learn more about the plant’s potential uses and dangers.
George shows festival-goers different parts of the hemp plant.

A hemp harvest festival buzzes with freedom in the heart of New York

The 22nd annual Harvest Festival and Freedom Fair celebrates a new era for New York hemp growers.
Terpenes Graphic

Compounds in cannabis can contribute to greenhouse gases, studies find

Legalizing marijuana could lead to more pollution. Why the smell of weed could be bad for the planet.
Marijuana users' habits are changing during the coronavirus pandemic
Sarah Stenuf was an Apache helicopter crew chief in the U.S. Army for four year. She was medically retired for seizures related to a traumatic brain injury and "adjustment disorder", which was later reclassified as PTSD.

Veterans find relief in medical marijuana, advocate for legalization

National survey finds 80% of veterans support medical cannabis programs and local vets consider drug a lifesaver.
Illustration: THC vs. CBD explainer

Experts suggest higher THC levels can lead to marijuana addiction

Learn about the chemical balancing act between THC and CBD that is responsible for marijuana's potency.
A photo illustration of a human head blurred by smoke.

Lack of regulation poses conundrum for THC vape users

Advocates say THC vaping’s link to lung illness should spur New York's regulation of recreational cannabis.
Candice Bina uses medicinal marijuana daily to help control her tics and back pain that are caused by Tourette syndrome.

How being a medical cannabis patient makes my life better

Commentary: Syracuse sophomore says more access to cannabis would benefit others with health conditions.
Lawmakers and law enforcement are grappling with how to regulate marijuana
High Stakes: Immigration Issues

Despite law changes, immigrants still face discrimination, deportation

Legalization in New York may be on the horizon. But for immigrants who use marijuana, it may not be enough.
Henry Byous and other members of the First 72+ team in New York City as guests of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

In New York, sealing of marijuana convictions not enough for some

Legalization activists, organizers and non-violent offenders continue to seek expungement of records.
New York State Capitol. Viewed from the Corning Tower Observation Deck

New York looked poised to legalize marijuana in 2020. Then COVID struck.

State lawmakers, and many of their student constituents, are disappointed legalization has once again been back-burnered.
Colorado billboard campaign for driving high

Marijuana legalization poses threats in the workplace and on the road

States that have legalized marijuana struggle to regulate use of the drug on the job and behind the wheel.

The NewsHouse looks into what marijuana legalization might mean for New York State.

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