Commentary: Why virtual Juice Jam WON’T Suck

Commentary: Why virtual Juice Jam WON’T suck

Online concerts are simply not the same as in-person shows, but we are here to tell you that JJ 2020 will still slap.
Published: September 11, 2020
Juice Jam 2020 Poster

Look, we know we’re all tired of virtual events. And the idea of a virtual Juice Jam doesn’t quite get your hearts racing like getting drunk at Skytop with what always feels 20,000 of your closest friends.

When we think of Juice Jam an image of a crowded field appears, herds of people gathering around the South Campus field turned mini-Coachella. Masses of people breathing and sweating on each other without care. But alas, concessions must be made. And no one will be sharing germs or vodka this year.

Juice Jam 2020 is set for this Sunday and will be streamed via YouTube live. The artists appearing at SU’s first virtual Juice Jam are A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Ari Lennox, and Beach Bunny. And though it may seem like a let-down to have the concert online, the reality is that we are in the midst of a global pandemic (though sometimes it’s easy to forget).

But we’re here to tell you there ARE ways to make at-home concerts fun. Here are a few reasons why we think virtual Juice Jam will, for a lack of a better word, slap.

1) A hot lineup that covers all the bases

University Union, arguably one of the hardest-working student organizations on campus, has booked an extremely diverse ticket for this year’s JJ. Rap star A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie will have everyone feeling like they’re at their favorite off-campus party spot, shouting the lyrics to songs they barely know. Ari Lennox will belt her R&B hits and give everyone a chance to sway to her soulful beats. And Beach Bunny, known for their indie surf rock sound, will transport you to a beach, sipping a with a piña colada, enjoying the summer vacation you didn’t get to have.

2) Not leaving your house is…pretty awesome.

Yes, we love in-person concerts; the enthusiasm of the crowd, the pounding of the bass, the music blaring in your ears, being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with people (6 feet be damned). It’s an energy that’s impossible to reproduce on-screen. But, how freaking great is it to get a concert catered to you from the comfort of your couch? No sweaty frat bros grinding up on you? A pantry full of snacks? Doesn’t sound so bad after all. So invite some friends over (less than 25 of course, who’ve all tested negative for COVID), buy a case of White Claw, and have some comfy fun.

3) No need to stress over your outfit

If you’re anything like me, you feel an inexplicable urge to look fly as hell at Juice Jam. And no matter what, your outfit will never live up to expectations. But this year all you need to do is roll outta bed in your finest sweats. No bra necessary. No need to smuggle nips of Fireball in your incredibly trendy but impractical outfit. Just pour yourself a beverage of your choice, and settle in for your private viewing experience.