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is the assistant executive producer for the NewsHouse, and a graduate student in the multimedia, photography, and design program.

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Campus News

Coronavirus brings new normal to campus

Published On: October 8, 2020

Students are impacted by COVID-19 in more than one way this fall, including the extra stress of online learning and intense socializing restrictions.

Juice Jam 2020 Poster

Why virtual Juice Jam WON’T Suck

Published On: September 11, 2020

Online concerts are simply not the same as in-person shows, but there are a few reasons that JJ 2020 will still slap.

Nutrition Science grad student Melissa Navarro shows some Orange pride by wearing a mask adorned with oranges. "I bought the mask from my friend's Etsy shop and as soon as I saw the one with oranges and I couldn't resist."
Life & Style

Syracuse style: mask edition

Published On: August 31, 2020

Syracuse University students share the meaning behind their masks as they express their personal style.

Sign touting the COVID-19 safety pledge on SU's campus on Monday, Aug. 24
Campus News

First day reveals new campus norms

Published On:

With hybrid and remote options in the mix, a portion of Syracuse University students returned to classes for the first time with COVID-19 measures in place.