Bandersnatch brings rising hip-hop artists to Syracuse

Bandersnatch brings rising hip-hop artists to Syracuse

Rapper SahBabii took the stage after opening acts Melii and Valee.
Published: November 14, 2018
Hip-hop artist Sahbabii performs at University Union's Bandernsatch show in the Goldstein Auditorium on Nov. 14, 2018.

“If you havin’ a good time keep one finger up,” SahBabii told the audience as he rapped. Around 100 hands went up for the Atlanta-based rapper, who headlined University Union’s Bandersnatch concert in Goldstein Auditorium on Wednesday.

Black Reign opened first for Bandersnatch with a quick set. The only non-Greek student stepping team at Syracuse, Black Reign is a comprised of mostly women minus one man. Shortly after Black Reign, Harlem rapper and Melli’s DJ came onstage to play a few popular hip-hop tracks before also Harlem born-and-raised Melii herself ran out to perform.

Her black heeled combat boots stomped into the floor and her bandana-tied retro updo floofed as she twerked and dropped it low. She wore high-waisted camouflage pants and a white knotted crop-top.

Melii blew up with her single “Icey,” following in Cardi B’s brand of city-girl, boss lady rap. She radiated confidence as she rapped and sang with her DJ, trying valiantly to get the whole room to turn up. Two guys in particular were aay-ing along with her whole set, but most of the audience seemed to enjoy Melii’s chill vibe performance.

Valee started his set with those sirens often heard in memes and weaves them in throughout his set. He rapped lyrics from his hits, including “Miami,” “Womp Womp,” and “Skinny.”

Last year the artist signed with GOOD Music, the record label Kanye West and P Duffy crested in 2004. The label’s distinctive logo showed on the screen behind Valee and his DJ as they rapped.

A cinematic video of jellyfish projected behind Sahbabii, alluding to the aesthetic of his latest album, “Squidtastic.” A knitted hat with long drapes covered Sahbabii’s hair and shoulders, falling down his back like an ancient Egyptian.

Bobbing along with Sahbabii was a masked dancer wearing studded gloves, dark glasses and a leather and chain choker. As he danced energetically, his dreads moved with him.

In between songs, SahBabii confessed his love for Animal Planet.

“RIP Steve Irwin,” Sahbabii said.

During the first song of his set, someone’s mic screeched loudly as something was wrong with it. It was fixed right after, but it definitely killed the vibe of that first song.

Right before he launched into his most famous and final song of the night, “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” one of his rappers yelled into the audience, “Make some noise for yourselves Syracuse!”

Bandersnatch show on Nov. 14, 2018, at Syracuse University's Goldstein Auditorium.

Emerging artist Melii's (right) is known for hit 2018 single "Icey"

Bandersnatch show at Syracuse University

Black Reign, Syracuse's only non-Greek student stepping team, opens the show.