Illustration of an online shopper sitting at desk.
Published: May 13, 2024

Despite hundreds of millions of customers, financial and ethical scandals have made shopping Amazon’s online competitor not as simple as it seems.

Parents bring on hundreds of lawsuits against social media giants for harmful content
Published: May 1, 2024

Concerned parents file hundreds of lawsuits against Meta and TikTok related to harmful content.

"Your voice an protect the community you love" Keep TikTok campaign
Published: April 16, 2024

Even with the House of Representatives passing legislation last month, some who make content for the platform aren’t worried about what the future might hold.

Two women looking at an iPhone
Published: January 24, 2024

It’s time to become news literate. It’s time to know the truth about global healthcare.

Person studying and interacting with a cellphone.
Published: December 11, 2023

New legislation aims to decrease negative influence and damage to children’s emotional and social well-being.

A man plays Defender on Atari 2600
Published: October 9, 2023

Gaming consoles become portals to the past at RetroGameCon where players revel in the joy of rediscovering classics.

Hands adjusting an Apple Watch
Published: April 7, 2023

Apple’s health apps might do more harm than good for our mental health.

iPhone with social media apps
Published: March 22, 2023

How likes, comments and follower counts translate into a salary.

A photograph of the game Wordle is taken from an above angle.
Published: February 9, 2022

Use expert advice on letter choice, vowel placement and syllable sounds to win every game.

Bitcoin explainer
Published: June 4, 2021

What Syracuse experts think about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies following April’s surge