Syracuse volleyball breaks losing streak with 3-0 victory over Boston College

Volleyball defeats Boston College 3-0

Marina Markova leads team to first win in five games with 12 kills, 3 blocks and 2 aces
Published: October 16, 2020
Syracuse volleyball vs. Boston College on Oct. 16, 2020
Marina Markova goes up for the kill after a set from Elena Karakasi in the match against Boston College on Friday, Oct. 16, 2020.

Following a four-game losing streak on the road, Syracuse University defeated Boston College in three sets, heading into the end of the shortened Volleyball season with a 3-4 record.

SU’s starting lineup featured outside hitters, Polina Shemanova and Ella Saada, setter, Elena Karakasi, middle blockers, Abby Casiano and Marina Markova, opposite hitter, Yuliia Yastrub and libero, Lauren Hogan.

Syracuse started the first set with serve by Saada followed by a block from team captain, Shemanova. In a back-and-forth point, Karakasi dumped the ball to maintain the lead for Syracuse. Boston called their first timeout with a score of 15-12. After three big blocks, Casiano solidified the lead for Syracuse and called their first timeout at match-point. The set ended 25-21 with a slide kill from Markova, and the Orange secured the first set of the match.

The second match started with Saada on the serving line again. The set’s first point for Syracuse was a solo kill from Yastrub straight through the line. Then back-to-back kills from Markova put the Orange a point away from tying the game. A serve and an ace from Markova gave the lead to Syracuse, 15-14. In a heated match, Boston  regained the lead but a kill from Casiano pushed Syracuse to tie the set, 20-20. A block from Yastrub gave the Orange the lead, once again, before a serving rally from Hogan ended the match 25-22, putting Syracuse up 2-0.

Syracuse volleyball vs. Boston College on Oct. 16, 2020
Right side hitter, Yuliia Yastrub, receives the Eagles serve in Friday night's game against Boston College.

The Orange led out the third set, but a kill by Yastrub was challenged by Boston College. The challenge went in favor of the Orange, tying the game 11-11. The Eagles called the first timeout of the set with Syracuse up 18-14. Following a kill from Casiano, Boston called their second time-out of the set.

With a kill from Saada and an ace from Karakasi, the Orange widened the scoring gap. A defensive move from Shemanova, a set by Karakasi and a kill by Casiano gave the victory to Syracuse, 25-18, and ended the game 3-0.

Markova led the game with 12 kills, three blocks and two aces, followed by Saada with nine kills and four digs. Casiano wasn’t far behind with eight kills, five blocks and two digs.

In today’s game, Coach Yelin was very communicative, especially with Karakasi.

“She is our quarterback. She wants to see that from her coach. To tell her what she is doing right and what she is doing wrong,” said Yelin about his setter.

Karakasi and her teammates rallied back from two rough weekends to secure tonights victory. With one game left in the season, every player wanted to go out on a high note – especially after delays and a shorter schedule due to COVID-19.

“It was super important to step-up in this game,” said Casiano about her performance today. “I think they didn’t expect us to be so successful in the middle, and after four losses it has brought up an energy to fight and show that we can do more.”

SU takes on Boston College in their final game of the season on Saturday at 5 p.m. in the Women’s Building.