The Lady of WWE set to smackdown in CNY

The Lady of WWE set to smackdown in CNY

Lacey Evans will take on Bayley this Sunday at the "Road to Wrestlemania" event at the War Memorial Arena.
Published: February 27, 2020
“The Lady of WWE” Lacey Evans
“The Lady of WWE” Lacey Evans will compete Sunday in Syracuse in one of the "Road to Wrestlemania" matches.

When World Wrestling Entertainment comes to Syracuse’s War Memorial Arena on Sunday, it will bring with it one of the most intriguing stars in the professional wrestling game today.

WWE superstar Lacey Evans will have her opportunity to take on SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, and it’s part of a journey that has taken her from one extreme to the next. Evans was born in Georgia and grew up with parents who suffered from addiction and depression, but she eventually made her way into the Marine Corps. She was inspired to pursue professional wrestling after watching a staff sergeant compete in a local event.

While the high-flying action of WWE and being in the Marine Corps are both physically rigorous, they require different kinds of physicality. Evans said it was the mentality of the service that prepared her for the grind of professional wrestling.

“In the Marine Corps, you’re expected to make quick decisions at the drop of a dime, and put yourself in situations that make you very uncomfortable and have to have the confidence and discipline to keep your body up to par, your mind up to par, and just to be prepared for anything,” Evans said. “Coming into WWE, those were some skills that I brought with me because you’re in front of thousands and thousands. You’re expected to do things you’ve never done before and you can’t shy away from anything.”

To date, Evans has not shied away from the most daunting of tasks. She’s competed worldwide against a myriad of opponents. She was also a part of the inaugural women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia late last year against Natalya at WWE Crown Jewel.

SmackDown LIVE Superstar Bayley
SmackDown LIVE Superstar Bayley will face Lacey Evans at the War Memorial Arena on Sunday night.

“I’m very thankful that I got the opportunity,” Evans said. “I never wanted to be famous and I don’t care about money. My whole goal was to use this platform or try to get this job to show the world that it doesn’t matter where you come from. As long as you work hard and keep your mind straight and go after your goals, you can accomplish anything. That led to showing women and making history and showing that you can open doors that have never been opened before. This platform has really given me the opportunity to show the world what you’re capable of regardless of where you come from.”

That’s really been part of who Evans is and what makes her a compelling watch as a wrestler. “The Lady of WWE” said she wants to show women that they can be feminine, a wife, a mom and a woman while being powerful in conjunction. Whether it’s being a professional wrestler or being in the armed forces, Evans wants to make it known that women can be powerful and lady-like. When she gets into the cage with Bayley, she will look to put all of those values on display.

“I get to get my hands on the champion of SmackDown which is nothing but a nasty thing and needs to learn a thing or two from a lady,” Evans said. “Make sure all women, children and mothers come and bring your notebook and takes notes because I will set the proper example when I get my hands on Bayley.”