Fresh Squeezed Sports podcast: Men’s soccer look to remain in Top 25

Fresh Squeezed Sports podcast: Men's soccer look to remain in top 25

Syracuse football, now ranks No. 22, while women's basketball has a new hope.
Published: October 7, 2022 | Updated: October 10th, 2022 at 9:53 am
Fresh Squeezed Podcast: Season 2, Episode 3

In episode 3 of the fresh squeeze podcast, Mark Budd and Josh Crawford discuss Friday’s soccer game between Syracuse Men’s Soccer and #4 ranked Wake Forest.

Mark and Josh also discuss the Syracuse women’s basketball team and the leadership and guidance new head coach Felisha Legette-Jack will bring to the program. Syracuse football is now ranked #22 in the country. Will they be able to sustain this success?

In another segment of “what grinds your gears” producer Andrew Macbeath joins the show to discuss his annoyance of the media coverage regarding Aaron Judge as he chased his record-breakingĀ  62 home runs.

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