Fresh Squeezed podcast: SU women’s LAX has been unbeatable this season

Sports podcast: SU women's LAX has been unbeatable

Syracuse women's basketball is on the brink of reaching the NCAA tournament, while the men's team looks to be out of contention.
Published: February 23, 2023
Fresh Squeezed Sports Season 3: Episode 3

Back for episode three of season three are Mark Budd and Josh Crawford. Mark and Josh discuss Judah Mintz and if he should enter the draft or stay for another year, as his name has been mentioned in recent mock drafts.

The Syracuse women’s lacrosse team continues to dominate. The No.2 ranked team in the country has yet to lose and reminds Mark and Josh plenty of this year’s men’s soccer championship team. Meanwhile, the Syracuse men’s lacrosse team looks to redeem themselves against UNC after losing to Maryland last weekend.

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