Fresh Squeezed Podcast: Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse refuses to lose

Fresh Squeezed Podcast: Syracuse Women's Lacrosse refuses to lose

SU Men's Lacrosse team has a big matchup on Saturday as they host No.2 ranked Notre Dame.
Published: March 30, 2023
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Mark Budd and Josh Crawford are very impressed with the Syracuse Women’s lacrosse team. The No.1 ranked SU women’s lax team has yet to lose and should be considered the favorite to win the NCAA title this year. SU men’s lax team has key upcoming games as they look to make a final push back into the top 20 before the tournament.

Josh remains confident in the Jets that they will get the Aaron Rodgers trade done. However, if it were up to Josh, he would pursue Lamar Jackson instead. Regardless, Mr. Crawford is just happy Zach Wilson won’t be the starting quarterback next season.

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