Selection Sunday: Which Bowl will select the Orange?

Selection Sunday: Which Bowl will select the Orange?

Commentary: The Orange should be gearing up for a trip to Disney World.
Published: December 1, 2018

With today being championship Saturday in college football, that means tomorrow is selection Sunday. The four College Football Playoff teams will be revealed along with the 39 other bowl matchups. And for the first time in five years, Syracuse will be in a bowl game. Where could the Orange be headed? Here are the most likely destinations:

Camping World Bowl

Orlando, Florida | Friday, Dec. 28

If it’s fair, Syracuse will be in the Camping World Bowl. It is the second-best ACC bowl game only behind the Orange Bowl (which is a playoff game this season), and SU is clearly the second-best team in the conference.

However, it is very possible that NC State is selected instead of the Orange. While ‘Cuse (9-3) is ranked and beat the Wolfpack (9-3), which is unranked, NC State would likely bring in more ticket revenue than Syracuse due to location. Raleigh is 600 miles from Orlando, while the Salt City is over 1,200 miles away from Camping World Stadium.

Orange fans should be rooting for West Virginia to end up as the Big 12’s representative, as the potential to renew an old Big East rivalry would create an attractive bowl matchup.

Pinstripe Bowl

Bronx, New York | Thursday, Dec. 27

Last season, the Pinstripe Bowl featured two 7-5 teams: Iowa and Boston College. So 9-3 Syracuse will be in a better bowl game, right? Not necessarily. If the Camping World Bowl selects NC State, Syracuse is more than likely NYC-bound once again due to proximity. The Orange has a big fan base in the city.

However, Syracuse fans likely won’t be amused with a Pinstripe Bowl selection, especially since SU played in Yankee Stadium just a few weeks ago against Notre Dame. The bottom line is that based on the amazing season they have had, Syracuse deserves better than this bowl, but it remains a strong possibility.

Sun Bowl

El Paso, Texas | Monday, Dec. 31

The last bowl game the Orange played in was the 2013 Texas Bowl, but another trip to Texas is very unlikely for Syracuse this year. But it’s possible, since the ACC vs. Pac 12 matchup puts the Orange in play. In fact, Sports Illustrated has Syracuse slotted as playing Cal in El Paso in its new bowl projections article this morning.

We know this: Dino Baber’s squad will be in an ACC Tier One Bowl. The Sun Bowl is one of them, so that is the only reason it might be a possibility. An 8-4 NC State team was the ACC’s rep in West Texas last season, so a 9-3 Syracuse group may be considered. That is, only if the Camping World Bowl passes on Syracuse and if Syracuse Director of Athletics John Wildhack and company don’t want the Pinstripe Bowl.


I think the Camping World Bowl will do the right thing and pick Syracuse to face either No. 23 Iowa State or No. 16 West Virginia. We will know for sure tomorrow afternoon.

So, Orange fans, cross your fingers and hope for a trip to Disney World instead of having to bundle up in the Bronx or El Paso (it snows at the Sun Bowl every year. Very ironic, I know).