Orange lose to Boston College in last Dome game

Orange lose to Boston College

Kiara Lewis and Gabi Cooper both scored 18 in the loss
Published: March 2, 2020
Gabrielle Cooper dives into defense as she goes in for a lay up against Boston College's Emma Guy defends.
Gabrielle Cooper drives to the basket with tenacity against Boston College forward Emma Guy.

In a game where the Eagles would shoot nearly 50% from behind the arc, the Orange were able to stay in the game with great inside jumper consistency and three-pointers in clutch moments

In the first quarter, the Eagles came out of the gates quickly, going up 9-0 in the first minute off baskets from Taylor Ortlepp. After being down by more than five points for most of the first quarter, the Orange were able to keep up with the onslaught of three-pointers in order to stay in the game. By the end of the first quarter, Brooke Alexander, Gabrielle Cooper, and Emily Engstler brought the Orange within three from a mix of threes, layups and free throws.

This was a pattern maintained throughout the entire game.

Syracuse continued the momentum from the end of the first quarter into the second, and despite it being a lower scoring quarter, the Orange pulled away, outscoring the Eagles 19-16 in that period. Syracuse kept themselves in the game by attacking the rim and getting to the line, eventually tying the score with a three-pointer from Gabrielle Cooper and free throws from Kiara Lewis.

Maeva Djaldi–Tabdi protects the ball as its passed down to her in hopes she makes the hoop.
Maeva Djaldi–Tabdi protects the ball in the paint.

In the second half, the Eagles were able to continue inching away with smaller leads, holding off the Orange attack.

Boston College’s Taylor Soule started the third period off hot, putting up four points quickly to start off the half. The score remained tight in the third quarter, as both teams traded a handful of inside shots. A two-minute scoring drought was ended by a three-pointer, once again from Gabrielle Cooper of the Orange. BC immediately responded with a three of their own from Cameron Swarz. After quarters of trading three-pointers, the score was tied at 64 going into the fourth quarter.

The Eagles pulled away in the fourth quarter by creating shots inside the arc that led to a five-point lead after just three minutes of play in the final period. Emma Guy led the Eagles final surge with some valuable inside jumpers, but Cuse wasn’t done, as they scored 7 unanswered points to bring the score to 78-75. The Orange were stopped in their tracks as the Eagles continued to go shot for shot with them after that seven-point run, resulting in an 88-81 finish.

The Orange finish their season at 15-14.

ESPN’s Charlie Creme does not include Syracuse in his Women’s NCAA Bracketology.