Bracket Busters Episode 1: Double the Struggle in Syracuse

Bracket Busters: SU basketball and a rundown of the CBB landscape

Hear the latest on SU hoops, the Big East and Big Ten conferences, and the unsung heroes of college basketball.
Published: February 18, 2022
Bracket Busters Podcast

In the debut episode of “Bracket Busters,” Irie Harris and Bryan Armetta hit on all things college basketball. They open with a discussion about the SU’s women’s basketball team and their loss to Virginia Tech before talking about the Syracuse men’s squad.

Harris and Armetta expand their conversation to the Big East and Big 10 conferences, then select their mid-major team/player of the week and shine the spotlight on an HBCU program to watch. To wrap things up, the two quickly pick winners in all the key CBB games of the weekend.

Time stamps:

– Intro – 0:00

– SU Women’s – 0:28

– SU Men’s – 5:10

– Big East Talk – 12:20

– Big 10 Talk – 24:50

– Mid Major Team/Player of the Week – 31:59

– HBCU Spotlight – 36:05

– Saturday CBB Predictions – 39:00