Bracket Busters Episode 6: More March Madness previews and predictions

Bracket Busters: More March Madness previews and predictions

Though Syracuse's season is over, tune in for the latest on college basketball's biggest storylines and unsung heroes.
Published: March 17, 2022
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In Part Two of the Bracket Busters’ March Madness preview, The NewsHouse highlights the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this week. Syracuse isn’t playing after losing to Duke in the ACC Tournament, but what other teams should Orange fans keep an eye on?

Continuing from Part One, the hosts run through the regional brackets and predict where each team will end up. Follow along for The NewsHouse’s weekly college basketball coverage with Irie and Bryan.



1:07-South Region/First Round Picks

18:40-South Region/Sweet 16 Picks

20:55-Midwest Region/First Round Picks

42:30-Midwest Region/Sweet 16 Picks

46:20-Every Region/Elite 8 Picks

53:18-Final Four/National Championship Picks