Syracuse fans wait in anticipation for mystery guest at SU-Duke game

Will there be any celebrities at SU-Duke?

All eyes are on Central New York businessman Adam Weitsman and his tradition of bringing famous friends to high-profile SU basketball games.
Published: February 25, 2022
Rob Gronkowski, then a player with the New England Patriots, attended the SU-Duke basketball game on Feb. 23, 2019 as a guest of Syracuse businessman Adam Weistman (left).
NFL player Rob Gronkowski, then with the New England Patriots, attended the 2019 Syracuse-Duke basketball game as a guest of local businessman Adam Weistman (left).

“Why do all these celebrities keep coming to big men’s basketball games at Syracuse?” is something you may be asking yourself, especially over the past month.

In the past month alone, the Carrier Dome has hosted NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo for the Syracuse-Wake Forest game and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson for the Syracuse-Louisville game — both at the invitation of Adam Weitsman.


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Weitsman owns the East Coast’s largest privately owned scrap metal processor and recycling center, yet he still finds the time to attend every game he can at the Dome. While attending games regularly for the past five years, Weitsman has made a tradition out of bringing famous guests to SU men’s basketball games.

However, this year is different, with Weitsman teaming up with Barstool Cuse to bring in even more guests for students to interact with.

Barstool Syracuse marketing and social media manager Sam Holland said a partnership with Weitsman “made sense” for both parties.

“Adam really is the king of Syracuse in a way, and we have the voice of the students,” Holland said. “He’s trying to get people to the Dome, and so are we.

“He’s someone who is so involved as a booster with the University. He does such great things to try and get people to the games, and we really are with him in that vision. We’re both just trying to get as many people out there rooting for Syracuse.”

Earlier this season, Weitsman and Barstool Syracuse held an online ticket giveaway for Syracuse’s ACC matchup against Wake Forest while encouraging people to guess who Weitsman’s mystery guests were going to be for that evening. Barstool Syracuse has stated that it hopes to do more giveaways like this one in the future.


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Over the years, the Carrier Dome has seen Weitsman bring a plethora of A-list celebrities to its men’s basketball games to encourage attendance. In the past three seasons alone, Weitsman has filled the Dome’s courtside seats with household names, and he has even made a name for himself as Syracuse’s version of what Spike Lee is for the Knicks.

Like Lee, Weitsman can be seen courtside rubbing elbows with powerful stars. In 2019, the Central New York businessman was joined by former Playboy model and Dancing With the Stars winner Brooke Burke for the Syracuse-Florida State game, and of course, nobody can forget when Weitsman was accompanied by four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski to the Syracuse-Duke game in the same season.

Then, Weitsman followed it up the next year, bringing NFL players Tom Brady and Julian Edelman alongside Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to the Syracuse-North Carolina game. This came near the conclusion of the 2020 season after Weitsman had already been joined by actor Jeremy Piven, MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and SU’s own Carmelo Anthony at previous games.

In attendance at the game today were also Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and Jimmy Fallon.
NFL stars Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, and TV host Jimmy Fallon sit courtside with Adam Weitsman during a 2020 game against North Carolina.

Sadly, Weitsman was not able to bring any celebrities to the 2021 season due to COVID, but he came back strong this year by getting the reigning NBA Finals MVP to attend a game at the Dome. A week after Antetokounmpo’s visit to Syracuse, Weitsman invited actor and comedian Pete Davidson to join him for the game against Louisville. This continued Weitsman’s tradition of inviting guests to Syracuse’s big ACC matchups.

Now, with the Syracuse-Duke game on Saturday, the next question on everyone’s mind is: “Who’s next?”

Weitsman has neither confirmed nor denied bringing a guest to SU-Duke. However, he will be returning to Syracuse on gameday from Miami.

Will he be flying solo? Who knows?