Inspiration and hope through Rock Steady Boxing

Inspiration and hope through Rock Steady Boxing

Published: May 12, 2019

Rock Steady Boxing is a one-of-a-kind, nonprofit gym founded that provides a uniquely effective form of physical exercise to people who are living with Parkinson’s disease. This non- contact, boxing-inspired fitness routine is proving to dramatically improve the ability of people with Parkinson’s to live independent lives.

The people in the videos do not simply have Parkinson’s disease and the fact that they go to the boxing class is only one part of their larger story.

Video producers

Mathew Devirgilio, Huey Younger, Brianna Green, Michael Battles, Kat Polanco, Tony Coffield, Deana Heitzman, Gabriel Kotico, Tyler Harrison, Katy Holm, Stormy Mendez, Mike Zingaro, Justin Armstrong, Cole Erickson, Henry Gundacker, Lucas Hans, Tybee Hurst, Andrew Kuppers, David Lee. Kassie McDole, Devin Nothstine, Jim Skelton, Gabriel Stuart, Pete Thibodeau, Antonio Vincent and Hector de Jesus.

Project coordinators

Seth Gitner, Associate Professor – Magazine, News and Digital Journalism & Visual Communications

Bruce Strong, Associate Professor and Chair Visual Communications