9 nail art trends to add to your spring mood board

9 nail art trends to add to your spring mood board

From florals to glazed donuts to naked disco nails, we’ve got you covered
Published: April 4, 2023

Winter has finally left the chat which means it’s time for a refresh on all things beauty, including a favorite staple detail: nail art. This season offers a full range of trends from the brightest neons to the most understated neutrals with plenty of opportunities to mix and match. To get inspired, check out nine of the top trends you need to add to your Pinterest board ASAP.

The Glazed Donut

Sorry, not sorry. Glazed donut nails are here to stay, and we are living for it. It’s timeless, classy and effortless, but if you’re looking to spice it up for spring, try adding a chrome shimmer to a pastel base like celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt. Fun fact: she and Hailey Bieber first created the look before the 2022 Met Gala, and it hasn’t left our Insta feeds since.


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Micro French Tips

French tips were a staple of the early 2000s, so it’s no surprise that we would see the trend resurge but with a cooler twist. Instead of the chunky white lines that dominated Laguna Beach, nail techs today are opting for the thinnest lines of detail. This look is completely customizable, so whether you like your nails long or short, chrome or pastel, you’ll be sure to end up with something chic.


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Matte + Metallic

Matte and metallic is a combination I never knew I needed until Megan Thee Stallion showed us how it’s done with this glamorous manicure. I’m loving the contrast in textures and can’t wait to see this done in every color.


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Contrary to what Miranda Priestly says, florals for spring are always in. Elevate the classic look by trying a more painterly, wildflower style like this.

Lip Gloss Nails

Celebrity ‘MAN’icurist Tom Bachik created this minimalist masterpiece for Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy appearance, and I’m excited to finally have something I can recreate on my own. Just pick a neutral shade and add a few layers of an extra-glossy top coat for a dewy finish.

Naked Disco Nails

Bachik is also behind the naked disco nails Selena Gomez wore to the Golden Globes, so it’s safe to say he’s officially my number one DIY inspiration. To achieve a similar look, start with a natural base then layer on a chunky glitter. The key is to leave parts of the base polish peeking through, so there’s a sheer finish.

Multicolored Nails

Do you have a hard time choosing a nail color? Why not go for five? Or maybe even 10? Create your own rainbow with classic pastels, bold neons, or an ombre look with different shades of your favorite color.

Y2K Nails

Go all out with a Y2K-themed manicure full of fun designs. Nothing’s off limits, so let your creativity shine with cow prints, checkerboards, cherries and everything in between!


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Aura Nails

The final trend to keep an eye out for is aura nails. Wear your energy on your fingertips with this celestial-inspired art. Read up on the meaning behind aura colors, do some soul-searching to identify your own and take your findings to the nail salon.