6 ideas for your last-minute Halloween costume

6 ideas for your last-minute Halloween costume

Don't let the countdown to Halloweekend spook you
Published: October 24, 2022

Halloween is right around the corner! While some people have had their costumes picked out since last November, between midterms, extracurriculars and being your family’s personal SU tour guide, it’s understandable that a costume has probably been one of the last things on your mind.

With costumes flying off store shelves and long delivery wait times, the idea of putting something together this close to the 31st might sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Odds are, you already have everything you need for the perfect Halloween look.

Mummy – Forever a monster bash staple, all you need to mummify yourself this Halloween is a white top, white bottoms and white gauze or toilet paper to wrap yourself in. Adding eyeshadow to the “bandages” can make them look more aged.

Ted Lasso – While we wait patiently for Season 3, you can easily become Ted Lasso with a blue sweater or crewneck hoodie, blue collared shirt, khaki-colored bottoms and a mustache (bonus points if you already have one).

Arthur – All you need to transform yourself into the beloved cartoon aardvark is a yellow sweater, a white collared shirt, khaki-colored bottoms and glasses. Your aardvark ears can be made with brown and pink paper and a headband, or they can be mimicked with a space bun hairstyle.

Men in Black – Anyone can be a MIB agent this Halloween; all you need is a black blazer, black dress pants, a white shirt, and black sunglasses. These make for great individual, duo, or group costumes.

Wednesday Addams – With the premiere of the new series approaching, you can pay homage to the iconic Wednesday Addams with a white collared shirt layered underneath a black dress.

Tacky Tourist – This costume offers several possibilities. One way to bring your tourist costume to life is with a Hawaiian shirt, lei, straw or bucket hat, fanny pack, sunglasses, a camera and bottoms of your choosing. You can also smear some sunscreen on your nose for optimal “tackiness.”