Commentary: ASU’s RIP The Runway showcases looks from professional and budding designers

Commentary: Professional and budding designers showcased at ASU fashion show

ASU's 'A Royal Affair' floored SU with designs fit for 21st century kings and queens
Published: October 10, 2022

The African Student Union’s Rip the Runway: A Royal Affair fashion show was a night to remember. This year’s fashion show was in the hands of new president Nicole Boadu, and she truly outdid herself with the night’s blue, white, and gold giving the experience a high-class aesthetic.


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Boadu broke down the theme that was chosen for this year.

“I was born and raised in Ghana,” Boadu said. “And one thing I experienced a lot is hearing narratives about Africa that are completely different from how I lived in Africa,” she said.

This year, Boadu wanted to make a statement and change misperceptions of Africa and African culture.

“I wanted to showcase Africa in a light that we don’t tend to see, showcase what royalty means in Africa, showcase what it means to be elegant,” she said.

She then combined that with her love for the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, and “A Royal Affair” was born.

From the puffy sleeves to corsets and beautiful prints, this event was filled with pieces that no one could have expected. The designs went above and beyond, and the models wore them beautifully.

The designers that contributed to the show included Eldior Sodeck Design, By Attaa, Noni Styles, Obioma Fashion, and Dioula Bazin. Also featured were Syracuse University student designers Made by Adore and Mariama Barry.

Rip the Runway

Rip the Runway

The glamour displayed at RIP the Runway was the result of hours of dedication from these designers.

“I would sleep really late, or wake up really early, so I would say ten to twelve hours,” said Barry, a junior at SU, about the time she devoted to preparing for the event.

Made by Adore also blew the crowd away, with the evening’s host telling them, “You have a future,” and bringing designer Adore out with their models just so the crowd could appreciate their artistry once more before the night was over.

Rip the Runway
Rip the Runway
Rip the Runway

While backstage, models Gabriella Nazima and Glenn Dillard told us what they were most excited for.

“Everyone’s been putting in work, so I’m ready to see how it comes together, see the final results,” Dillard said.

The two were not only excited to showcase the designs they had been working on for the past few weeks, but to see the audience’s looks as well.

The crowd was dressed to the nines, in looks that would give the Bridgerton costumes a run for their money. On top of the fashion show, the night included music, a lively host, and dance performances.

A performance by SU’s Outlaws Dance Troupe not only ripped the runway, but gave a hip hop dance routine that had the crowd dancing in their seats.

Rip the Runway
Rip the Runway
Rip the Runway

The night was lively, elegant, and a representation of the African fashion and culture that most people don’t see on a day-to-day basis. The dedication of SU’s African Student Union in combination with talented designers, performers, and a crowd that looked ready to walk the runway themselves, made RIP the Runway a beautiful and memorable night.