After Dark event marks Syracuse Fashion Week finale

After Dark event marks Syracuse Fashion Week finale

Syracuse Fashion Week’s return to the runway comes to an end with an After Dark-themed show.
Published: October 4, 2021 | Updated: October 10th, 2021 at 6:37 pm
Prior to the Syracuse Fashion Week show, performers took the stage to do a strip-tease Burlesque dance number with references to Pictures of Dorian Gray.
Prior to the After Dark fashion show, performers took the stage to do a strip-tease Burlesque dance number with references to "Pictures of Dorian Gray" during the final night of Syracuse Fashion Week.

Following more than a year of social distancing and event cancellations, Syracuse Fashion Week (SFW) brought the local fashion scene back to life, congregating the city’s creatives to an “inclusive, never exclusive,” three-day event.

Although fashion is the focus, the organization recognizes that people are in need. SFW partners with The Food Bank of Central New York to help raise funds and awareness for food insecurity issues.

Saturday evening at Jefferson Clinton Suites, the main lobby was transformed into a beautiful runway for Syracuse’s rising fashion gurus to show off their styles.

Featuring an after dark theme, the final event started promptly at 8 p.m. with Dua Lipa’s impossible-to-not-sing-along-to “Levitating,” ethereally encompassing the venue.

The show began with the debut of its first Burlesque show from Salt City Burlesque. The performers danced in bedazzled mesh outfits with matching masks, topped off with show-stopping handmade headdresses.

SFW executive director Lisa Butler said she was thrilled to have the burlesque show open the event.

Syracuse Fashion Week After Dark show
Models work the runway Saturday night at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel during Syracuse Fashion Week. Pieces from various designers such as Sunshadow Designs and Fashion Fix Designs were worn by models during the event.

Last year’s fashion show was confined to a small event due to the pandemic. Back in action, everyone from the hairstylist to the models was thrilled to be back in their element. The excitement radiated through the runway to the sidelines as people immersed themselves in the fashion festivities.

Runway models enjoyed the wide scope of styles they were able to experience and display throughout the night.

“I’m excited to see the different styles, this is true art. You go into an art gallery, and you see all the different paintings and statues but at a show like this you see the art in movement, it’s a different form. When I get out on that runway it’s an adrenaline rush. I almost forget what’s going on for a minute. I really try to home in on my yogi mindset before I get out there,” said Andrea Canale, a first-time participant in SFW. She walked the runway representing “The Higher Calling,” one of the event’s featured brands.

SFW is a hands-on multifaceted event that requires all parties involved to do their part to help make it possible. The creative and encouraging atmosphere enabled all participants and event-goers to form connections through the art.

“I’m so excited to be around people who are creative, and really want to show what they have. This event shows the amount of creativity in Syracuse and shows off the people that want to push things forward in the city. And what I love the most is the inclusivity,” said Eliza Jeffers, returning model.

Margot Elizabeth is an artist and the fashion designer of her own jacket line “Unremorseful Art.” Each of her pieces are upcycled and hand painted. She expressed her happiness that the event was able to take place in full force and offer a creative outlet for artists such as herself to expose the community to their passion projects.

Models work the runway, showing off various designs including Sunshadow Jewelry and Fix Fashion on Saturday night at the Jefferson Clinton Hotel for Syracuse Fashion Week.
Bright makeup looks were on full display during the fashion show.

“It’s exciting to showcase my art. I’ve added new models who’ve never modeled before, I have new faces on my team who have modeled, I’m excited to incorporate the beginners with the seasoned walkers, it’s important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere,” she said.

The event’s featured fashion designers also found appreciation for the night’s chosen theme.

“I like that tonight’s theme is ‘After Dark’. I feel that this line really plays on my fantasy and Halloween-themed pieces. It’s been a long two years since the last SFW show I was in; I’m looking forward to getting fresh eyeballs on my work. It makes me happy to have this opportunity. I’ve already started working on my line for next year,” said Page Steinhardt, returning jewelry artist.

Khangle, a celebrity fashion designer, was at the event sporting one of his pieces that was showcased in New York Fashion Week. Khalngle said he never shies away from proclaiming his love for Syracuse even within his New York City fashion circles.

“It feels so cool when people ask where I’m from, I say Syracuse proudly,” Khangle said. “They expect me to say, Miami, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. They aren’t used to it. I’m confident when I tell people I’m from Syracuse.”

Syracuse is home to a variety of creatives and SFW is the perfect event for people in the community to band together and support one another through their love for the arts.