10 COVID-safe ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

10 COVID-safe ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Don't let COVID-19 restrictions stop your Valentine's Day festivities. Here are 10 safe ways to celebrate with your valentine.
Published: February 12, 2021 | Updated: February 14th, 2021 at 10:17 am
Two hands hold a bouquet of flowers.
Even with COVID-19 restrictions, there are many creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

The day of candy, cards and cheesy professions of love is around the corner, but this year there’s a little twist: COVID-19. Instead of sharing heart-shaped candy and going on fancy dinner dates, students are going to have to switch it up this year to keep up with social distancing regulations. While this may seem like a waste of cupid’s bow, there’s still hope among the creative ways there are to still celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Carefully craft a romantic playlist for your best friend or your boo to show your Galentine/Valentine how much you care for them. If you need some inspiration for your playlist, peruse Spotify’s Valentine’s playlists like Valentine’s Day 2021 to get in the groove. 

2. Serenade your sweetheart by holding a boombox over your head John Cusack-style (but make sure you’re six feet away from their window). 

3. Create an adorable PowerPoint presentation to present to your loved one via Zoom for some quality entertainment. 

A bowl of Valentine's Day candy sits on a gray surface.
Valentine's Day candy, like sweethearts, are a perfect choice to give your valentine this year.

4. Send the apple of your eye on a scavenger hunt with endearing clues that lead them to their favorite candy.

5. DoorDash your darling’s favorite meal to their doorstep so they can enjoy a nice and thoughtful meal.

An individual places flowers around a handmade card with a heart drawn on it.
Handmade cards and love notes are a personal way to show your valentine some love.

6. Throw it back to elementary school and take the time to trace and cut out a big red heart for your honey.

7. Get some sidewalk chalk and write a sappy “roses are red, violets are blue…” poem outside your dearest’s place of residence.

An assortment of chocolates sits on a plate.
Chocolates are a "perfect gift for any occasion," Sweet on Chocolate owner Adam Mazzoni said.

8. Acquire the timeless ol’ box of chocolates to woo your companion. At Sweet on Chocolate, a chocolatier located in Armory Square, owner Adam Mazzoni crafts artisan chocolates in his shop that “make the perfect gift for any occasion.” He encourages locals to “reinvest your dollars back into your community” and take a trip to “the ideal place to visit for a sweet treat such as truffles, turtles, barks and hot chocolate.” 

9. Hire a virtual barbershop quartet to provide your admirer with some heartwarming entertainment. The Harmony Katz is a barbershop quartet based in the Syracuse area. “We do skype and have made available digital valentines. Proceeds go to help out the FoodBank of CNY. We all are hoping next year we will get back to normal life. Happy Valentines Day!”

Bouquets of flowers sit side by side at a florist.
Send a bouquet of roses or an assortment of flowers to your partner as a classy and traditional Valentine's Day gesture.

10. Last but not least, send a beautiful bouquet of red roses to your partner as both a classy and traditional gesture. At Westcott Florist, there are a wide variety of Valentine’s Day florals to choose from. Westcott Florist is located on Westcott Street and requests that customers order their bouquets at least two days in advance.