Leveling the playing field between women’s and men’s sports.

Equal Shot

“It was pretty exciting knowing that we were fighting to be able to play our sport and get our rights to do that.” 
- Alexis Snader Braunfeld, former SU lacrosse player 
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Collage with photos of the SU women's lacrosse team and newspaper clippings from the 1995 Boucher vs. Syracuse University lawsuit.
Quidditch player runs on field
Alexis Snader Braunfeld (left) and Maggy Hiltner (right) pose with their lacrosse sticks.
May 3, 2022  
•  Madelyn Geyer
Quidditch player runs on field
May 3, 2022  
•  Sophia Moore


Mara McBride and Julia Leary hold footballs on the football field
Breaking the Football Barrier

In a historically male-dominated sport, two high school varsity football players are paving the way for women in the sport.

A Quidditch player at the King's Cup on Shyhall Field on April 2, 2022.
Changing the Game

Syracuse University Quidditch club promotes gender-inclusivity by having mixed-gender teams through the use of Title 9¾ and a gender maximum.