Wanda Sykes’s ‘Oh Well’ tour hits Syracuse

Wanda Sykes's ‘Oh Well’ tour hits Syracuse

The famous actress and comedian takes Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater’s stage this Saturday.
Published: October 26, 2018
Wanda Sykes

“Nothing is normal right now,” says Wanda Sykes.

The actress and comedian is convinced the attitude of the country has become curiously blasé. That’s why in her comedy tour Oh Well, Sykes is hooking her famously sharp sense of humor onto real-life issues.

“There’s no fallout, no repercussions. We’ve gotten used to stuff, and it’s scary,” Sykes said during a phone interview Wednesday with The NewsHouse. She explains that part of her inspiration from the Oh Well tour is the action taken by Parkland shooting survivors, who are trying to make a positive change in America while the rest of the country seemingly stands by.

Named as one of the ’25 Funniest People in America’ by Entertainment Weekly, Sykes will be performing Saturday at Syracuse’s Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater.

Sykes loves the direction the show has been taking so far, and is constantly adding new jokes to the show’s repertoire. Recently Sykes has been integrating politics into her comedy. But for those wary about hearing political matters, she guarantees “a lot of laughs” at the show.

Unless, she warns, you’re a Trump supporter – then she recommends showing up ten minutes after the start of the show. Sykes has been vocal lately about her disapproval of President Donald Trump. Last month Sykes was met with heckling and walkouts at a show in New Jersey after opening up with a series of jokes about the president.


A lot of her jokes regarding gay marriage, her relationship with President Trump, and the transgender community she says are generally geared towards young adults. “I really believe that this generation is going to make a change,” she said. “You are more informed, it is up to you guys to make things better.” As a lesbian and a mother, Sykes said she holds the struggles of the LGBT community very close to her heart.

The Oh Well Tour will also hold meet-and-greet opportunity with Sykes, of which tickets are $100 and proceeds go to The Chadwick Residence, a Syracuse non-profit aimed at helping at-risk women.

Sykes is excited about coming to Syracuse for the first time in a while and entertaining locals who she says “love a good show.”

The actress encouraged both fans and strangers to attend Oh Well.

“If you know me, you know you are going to laugh and you are going to walk away with something,” she said. “And if you don’t know me, treat yourself and give me a shot.”