Review: UU’s first student concert has something for everyone

Review: UU's first student shows off student talent

UU concert spans multiple genres with artists like BRI and Anish Ghosh
Published: April 4, 2021
BRI performs on stage at Goldstein Auditorium.
BRI performs on stage at Goldstein Auditorium.

University Union held its first-ever all-student concert on April 3. With its limited in-person audience of dozens of people and Youtube livestream audience, the concert had something for everyone. From indie to rap to screamo, this performance catered to all different types of music lovers.

It was UU’s first in-person concert since the pandemic hit last year and it did not disappoint. The socially distanced, fully masked concert was open to Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF students and faculty, and was split into two shows.

The Early Show offered performances from BRI, Malique Lewis, and jewisvuitton. The Late Show featured Anish Ghosh and The Whether Channel.

Bright lighting and vivid graphics shown behind all the performers made each artist’s set stand out. BRI’s stripped-back stage and purple lighting differentiated her more mellow performance from the punchier colors and visuals of her fellow performers, such jewisvuitton’s Louis Vuitton-inspired graphic projected behind him during his set.

As the first act for the Early Show, artist BRI brought the waterworks with soulful, meaningful music. She performed her songs with nothing but her voice and her guitar. Her highly emotional performance included a combination of originals and covers, including “Fake Love,” “Goodbye,” “Just Friends” and “Fool for You.”

SYRACUSE, NY APRIL 3, 2021: The Whether Channel, a band formed at Syracuse, performs at Goldstein Auditorium. Photo by Maddie Crooke
The Whether Channel, a band formed at SU, performs at Goldstein Auditorium.

BRI’s emotional music inspired chills and tears in her audience. The breathtaking way she sang certain notes brought her moving lyrics to life. Her final song, “Coming Through,” was an upbeat and exciting twist on her otherwise sentimental set. She dedicated it to her friend in the audience, Tesa, who helped her write the song. This song replaced the sad emotions instilled by BRI’s previous songs with joyful energy.

In the Late Show, Anish Ghosh and his band were so captivating and electric that the audience was instinctively drawn into the music. They played a variety of genres and truly rocked at all of them, bringing energy and talent as openers to the second act.

Hearing so many different genres of music made the UU concert a unique, memorable experience.

SYRACUSE, NY APRIL 3, 2021: Anish Ghosh performs on stage with his last-minute band at Goldstein Auditorium. Photo by Maddie Crooke
Anish Ghosh performs on stage.