Everything you need to know about ABC’s newest Bachelorette

Everything you need to know about the new ‘Bachelorette’

The network announced Jenn Tran as the 21st bachelorette earlier this week.

ABC's newest bachelorette Jenn Tran talks with show host Jesse Palmer
ABC’s newest bachelorette Jenn Tran talks with show host Jesse Palmer.

This week marked the finale of The Bachelor season 28, starring Joey Graziadei. This season had a remarkable increase in viewership in comparison to past seasons. Not only were viewers captivated by dream-boat Joey, but the women contestants on the show gained significant attention from Bachelor Nation.

Fans grappled for weeks over which contestant would take the spotlight in the network’s next chapter, with rumors floating around about fan favorites including Maria Georgas and runner-up Daisy Kent, who’s finale-exit from the show left viewers teary-eyed. 

ABC’s 21st Bachelorette was announced during Monday night’s dramatic season finale. Jenn Tran, who was sent home during week seven, was named as the franchise’s first-ever Asian-American lead. Tran charmed viewers with her bubbly personality and vulnerability throughout the show. 

“I’m overwhelmed, it’s crazy,” she shared with host Jesse Palmer. “Growing up, I always wanted to see Asian representation on TV. Now, to be here today…being like, ‘I am going to be the main character in my story,’ I can’t help but think of how many people I’m inspiring and how many lives I can impact.”

ABC's newest Bachelorette Jenn Tran headshot2
Jenn Tran, who will be ABC’s newest bachelorette for season 21 of the show.

Though Tran’s journey for love was cut short with Joey, she expressed her excitement for another chance as the network’s leading lady. “I’m looking for a man with a really big personality…Someone who he and I can have fun and also just feel like we’re each other’s person,” she said.

Tran will embark on her quest for love alongside 20 eligible men competing for her heart, and inevitably, her hand in marriage. Outside of her time on Joey’s season, the 26-year-old from New Jersey is studying to be a physician’s assistant. 

Filming for Tran’s season was reported to have started on March 26, just one day after her announcement. The show is set to premiere in July of 2024.