SU Drama charms audiences with A Chorus Line at Storch Theatre

SU's Department of Drama performs A Chorus Line

Director Brian J. Marcum crafts a moving rendition of Michael Bennet's timeless musical
Published: October 8, 2019
SU Drama Department presents
Set in an empty theater during auditions for a Broadway musical, A Chorus Line follows the lives of Broadway dancers and the struggles they have to endure to achieve success.

Syracuse’s Department of Drama electrified the Storch Theatre on opening night with its rendition of James Kirkwood Jr.’s A Chorus Line. The seats were packed with family members and Syracuse peers alike as everyone shouted over the overhead speaker in excitement.

The story, this time directed by Drama Professor Brian Marcum, is a tale about a group of desperate dancers in need of a job on an upcoming Broadway show. The story takes the audience down a long, intimate road, allowing you to get to eventually know each character and who they are under the mask.

A Chorus Line features a massive ensemble cast consisting of mostly juniors and seniors. In the director’s notes, Marcum mentions his career path of becoming a Broadway dancer to a Broadway dance teacher. “This show was my life,” Marcum said.

SU Drama Department presents
A Chorus Line will run through Oct. 13 in the Arthur Storch Theater at the Syracuse Stage/ SU Drama Complex.

The story finishes with a twist after an injury to one of the essential faces of the cast, Paul, a Puerto Rican man. The director in the show poses the question, “what would you do if you couldn’t dance?” The question freezes the participants, then leading them to the crescendo number of “The Gift Was Ours to Borrow,” which is a number about finding solace and love in dancing, even though it is a risky career to immerse yourself into.

As the story develops, the audience gains sympathy for each and every character as they learn about the highs and lows that brought them to this stage. From struggling with sexuality, self-image, ethnicity, and familial problems, the show digs deep and makes the audience deeply empathize and reflect.

The Syracuse production of A Chorus Line will run from October 4th to the 13th. Following this show, they will be moving on to The Crucible, which has now been adapted into an Emmy nominated television show. After seeing the excitement and support of this current production, it is safe to say that this experience will continue to electrify Syracuse audiences.