Review: Louis Tomlinson faces life head-on with ‘Faith In The Future’

Review: Tomlinson's ‘Faith In The Future' faces life head-on

The singer shares his experiences with more confidence and optimism than ever before on his latest album.
Published: November 15, 2022
Louis Tomlinson released his new album,
Louis Tomlinson released his new album, "Faith in the Future," on Nov. 11, 2022.

In a recent interview, Louis Tomlinson said his advice for people is to “Have faith that if you’re not happy with where you are, eventually you’ll be all right.” His second studio album, Faith In The Future, embodies this sentiment perfectly.

Tomlinson is known for his powerful songwriting skills, and he did not disappoint on this album. He incorporated many personal anecdotes into his lyrics on songs such as “Headline,” “Saturdays,” “Silver Tongues” and “Holding On To Heartache.” While there is an overarching message of hope on this album, there are also stories about the highs and lows of numerous moments in Tomlinson’s life. 

He sings about various relationships, including friendships, such as on the closing track “That’s The Way Love Goes,” in which he tells a friend “Remember when you told me I should give it time? / Well, here’s the chance for you to take your own advice” and reminds listeners that love isn’t easy, but struggles are simply a part of life, and everyone is capable of picking themselves up and moving on.


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This theme of moving along with life after difficult moments is also expressed in “Out Of My System,” in which he sings “Gotta get it off of my chest / I’ve lived a lot of my life already / But I gotta get through the rest” – explaining that he will not let his struggles control his life and prevent him from living the rest of it to the fullest. 

Tomlinson sings about past and present relationships – discussing his gratitude toward an ex on “Chicago,” hoping for another chance on “Lucky Again,” and presumably appreciating his current lover on the opening track “The Greatest,” which serves as a dramatic and almost cinematic opener that expertly sets the tone for the rest of the album. He also repeats lyrics between a few songs, such as “You and me until the end” (in “The Greatest” and “Silver Tongues”) and “Do you see what I see?” (in “She Is Beauty We Are World Class” and “Common People”) – this adds an extra element of cohesion between the tracks, intertwining his different stories and experiences.

Sonically, this album is a stark contrast to Tomlinson’s previous work, both in One Direction and his debut album Walls. He usually opts for a pop sound, but he has also teased rock and pop-rock sounds in the past, in songs such as “Kill My Mind” from his first album, as well as the previously released singles from this second album (“Bigger Than Me,” “Out Of My System,” and “Silver Tongues”). On the rest of the album’s tracks, he continued to focus mostly on rock, executing it flawlessly with the presence of drums and guitars backing almost every song.

The standout track on this album, however, is “She Is Beauty We Are World Class,” which is a wholly different sound from the rest of the tracks. Unlike anything Tomlinson has ever released before, he sings over a psychedelic, 80s-dance-pop sound. This 80s influence can also be heard on “All This Time,” another track on which he confesses that he has experienced losing hope but pushes himself to keep trying and allows himself to regain faith.

Tomlinson has expressed that he created his second album with live performances and his upcoming tour in mind (for example, “The Greatest” was written as a tour opener), and this is clear upon listening to these 16 tracks. Each song has a power and energy that can consume listeners, and will undeniably allow them to gain more faith in their own futures.