Review: Charlie Burg returns to Syracuse for Westcott concert

Review: Charlie Burg returns to Syracuse

The Setnor School of Music alum brought a high-energy show for fans eager to dance along.
Published: October 27, 2022
Charlie Burg performs at the Westcott Theater on Oct. 15, 2022.
Charlie Burg returned to perform near his alma mater at The Westcott Theater on Oct. 15.

“It’s good to be back in Syracuse.”

That was how singer-songwriter Charlie Burg re-introduced himself to local fans on Oct. 15 at The Westcott Theater. But the sincerity behind the Syracuse University alum’s simple remark wash what fueled a night of high-energy music on stage and nearly non-stop dancing off.

As soon as Burg stepped onto the stage, his positive attitude radiated in a way that instantly captivated his audience. Then he jumped straight into his upbeat opener, “Chicago (Take it or Leave It),” and the crowd immediately started dancing.

Burg transferred to SU during his sophomore year to study the music industry at the Setnor School of Music. Leading up to his graduation in 2019, he officially started the professional career that has him now on the road for two months playing more than 30 shows in Europe and across the United States.

At the Westcott stop of his “Infinitely Tall Tour,” Burg followed up his opener with “Episode III” and “A Comet Over Bandemer.” In between songs, Burg created an intimate atmosphere by speaking to audience members more as friends, making the show more engaging and entertaining for everyone there.

Charlie Burg performs at the Westcott Theater on Oct. 15, 2022.
Burg connected with old and new fans during his performance.

Along with his warm and welcoming attitude, the stage was set up beautifully with a flower backdrop behind the drummer. The energetic band surrounded him and the audience reciprocated with cheers and dancing. Some of his songs like “Summer Moon” have a jazz-like feel to them which brought variety to the set.

Burg also made the Westcott feel like a safe and relaxed environment. Later in the set, he sang “Lovesong (The Way),” which gave a nice break from the faster-paced songs and a chance for the crowd to appreciate his voice and the music. At times, Burg took a spoken-word approach rather than singing, enabling the audience to really focus on the lyrics and meaning behind his songwriting.

Charlie Burg performs at the Westcott Theater on Oct. 15, 2022.
Burg has released five albums since his musical career started in 2015.

Much like his fans, Burg danced around on stage himself plenty, giving him a chance to engage with each section of the audience. His natural energy and excitement to be back on a familiar stage made it seem by the show’s closing songs — “Instead of My Room” and “Your Friends Not Mine – Haus Version” — Burg has made friends with everyone there.